Monday, 19 April 2010

A weekend to remember

We had a bumper weekend and all went really well at home with my mom, cousins and the kids. I can really not be more grateful for their help. So what did we do?

On Friday we really just go to know the after check-in and security part of OR Tambo's domestic departures. But the in-laws had the leg of lamb and tripe (not for me!) ready and we had a gastronomic feast and went to bed really late.

On Saturday we squeezed in a lot:

Hunter, the groom and the two best men went for a very early morning swim at Sardinia bay. I slept in.

On his return we had a great breakfast.

Then we visited the beach towards the more "tame" beach side of Port Elizabeth as my FIL was not feeling well and up to hiking over a sand dune. When we parked there we saw the Survivor South Africa finalists and Ockert (for sure - could only be him - see picture) abseiling from a tall building on the beach front.
We also saw a beautiful Gold Wing parked and I snapped a few pictures.
 I snapped this great one of Hunter and his parents on the boardwalk.

The beach itself was beautiful.
We saw this huge jellyfish on the beach.
Then we swang by the new 2010soccer stadium - without a doubt South Africa's most beautiful one. (also known in PE as the pumpkin)
Then we had a brief visit with Hunter's grandfather (89 years old) and grandmother. They really grew so old the last year.

And then we went to the wedding - watch out for Wordful Wednesday about that.

On Sunday morning I had breakfast with a very special lady after which we popped back home to be hugged to death by the kids. It was a good one.


  1. Great photos seeing my town from your perspective and I love the pic of the stadium...and our beautiful beaches.

  2. Those buildings and jellyfish are awesome!!

  3. Wow, busy busy weekend.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful 'family time'.

    Saw some piccies on fb - you looked gorgeous.

    Thanks for passing on the hug & kiss!

  4. I love and miss my family time, so make the most of it, dont take it for granted!!!!

    Lovely photo's, love the angles you shot them at...good eye and creative..

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip. I'm so glad you were able to go. Out of curiousity sake, how big would you say the jellyfish was? It looked huge but there was nothing to compare it to in size in the photo. We love jellyfishing. LOL

  6. sounds great!! I saw your pics on FB and can't wait to hear more about it all. The wedding looked beautiful!!

    I'm so glad all was well while you were gone and that you had such a fantastic time!

  7. Frizzy, easy about a meter in diameter (if you can make the conversion)

  8. Wow that is one massive jellyfish!
    Wonderful pictures.

  9. Awesome pictures! I love them all - and wow, what a huge jellyfish!

  10. Mwahahaha @ the pumpkin. I like that! :-)


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