Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday - 4 June 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily
Hosted by Chris

  28 May 2010:

 A bit of garden texture - detail of an African Tree Aloe.

  30 May 2010:

Promise of splendor. My mom's orchid in the garden has 9 strings this year. Waiting for the buds to open. 

 If you have an older sister I guess an Alice band cna become an imaginary set of earphones.

  1 June 2010:

The beautiful autumn colours in the sunshine. 

  2 June 2010:

 Got these lovelies from my friend Carli on Sunday.

  3 June 2010:

 Soccer world cup fever - some cars sport flags, others mirror covers, some one country, others two, but by far the most frequent - the South African flag. I like the reflexion in this picture.


  1. The autumn leaves are beautiful!
    Yeah for soccer fever and flags - I like it! :D

  2. Great Friday pictures...I love the reflection of the flag as well.
    My grandson dresses up in his bigger sisters barbie outfits, he's only two so will grow out of that soon.

  3. Those autumn colors are amazing!

    And I just love the shot of your daughter! So imaginative!

  4. Beautiful as your nature photos and the one of your princess is beautiful.

  5. What kind of a camera do you have again? I love the shots you take. Beautiful colors and you have such a great eye!

  6. Thanks to mu hubby and son, we'll be seeing lots of SA in the coming weeks, even if it's just stadiums, spectators and silly men chasing balls around grass pitches ;-P Have a blessed weekend!

  7. love all the nature shots. :) so many lines, shapes and textures. well done.

  8. Love the pic of your boy with the Alice band! Beautiful roses. It is my favorite flower.

  9. I love each of your nature pics! The colors on the leaves are beautiful (I love fall for its color!!) and the yellow rose is perfect.

  10. That yellow rose is my favorite. But I have a hankering for those blue eyes, too...

  11. You got some very great shots! I really like the first one.

  12. Lovely colors of the leaves indeed. I just LOVE autumn!

    I think my fav photo is the one of the tree aloe. Very cool!

  13. I forget you're on the wrong, I mean OTHER side of the world. The autumn leaves freaked me out a little :)

    They're beautiful -- even if I'm not quite ready for them here :)


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