Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday - 20 August 2010

  • Ok, so I did this whole post last night to just add one picture here this morning and publish, and by the click of one button I threw away the whole thing. I. am. not. impressed.
  • Last night was the first night in two and a half weeks that I slept through. I am feeling very crappy today. WTH?
  • Tomorrow morning I am going to my ever so fabulous hairdresser!
  • On Sunday we are planning a drive to somewhere countryish for lunch and a outing. Any good ideas fellow Gauteng dwellers? Space for kids to run an essential.
  • I can feel my cold moving to sinus. Ugh!
So onto:
PhotoStory Friday
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Hosted by Chris

The princess on her way to the tea party.

  16 August 2010:

 This is a very special un-portrait portrait of the princess. Meet Blankey - bear - her constant companion since birth and now a bit worse for the wear. She actually justifies her very own post and was once couriered overnight across the country .

 A very rare flash photo.
  18 August 2010:

 With a new sand box and sand it is all of a sudden the new again flavor of the month.
  19 August 2010:

Now why do they not make these in ladies sizes? Come on Woollies - they are soft and comfy and so very very pretty.


  1. Stunning pics. Love the one of your friend Elaine and also the princess & hat. So true the flash removes any character from the face doesn't it?

    ANd i love those shoes - i would love a pair. My 'princess' has 2 pairs and also those new slops woolies has - have you seen them? Soft soft soft (like crocs). She rarely takes them off.

    here's to a chilled weekend and i hope you get to sleep some more so that your body thinks its the norm not the exception!

  2. What great photos you have posted this week...each one tells a different story and love the close up's as well, see the detail one misses otherwise.
    I use flash often, but an external flash and love it....but only in special situations.

    Princess is really a beauty...tell Dad to get his shot gun ready!!

  3. I love your that I know about light I must learn more about what I need to take close ups of. Love the one of your princess on the way to the tea party...and the sandbox one, and the one of your man, all of them;-D

  4. Of, what a drag to have lost your post!
    I recommend Van Gaalen Cheese Farm, not far from Hartebeesport Dam for an outing.
    Lovely pics. Those shoes are gorgeus - I am goin to search for them at Woolies?

  5. those shoes are STUNNING!!too pretty:)all your photos are great,enjoy your weekend:)

  6. your photos are beautiful and I ONLY use flash - guess I really need to go on that photography course sooner rather than later:)

    LOVE the shoes!!!! Love them so much i want some.

    And your kids have the same nails - I remember a pic of your son's toes (same as the princess's fingernails) LOL

  7. Love that photo of the princess with the sun hat!

    For country-ish lunch places, I like of course my old faithful botanical gardens and if you're headed in PTA direction that Irene Country Lodge has a lovely dam with ducks and what-not and a very nice restaurant.

  8. The princess picture is my favorite too! Beautiful!! But then again, those shoes are wildly fun. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Your princess dressed for the tea party is just great! The worse for wear kitty---- my oldest daughter had a much loved doll named Pink Baby that had to eventually be taken away and put up for safe keeping.... she was recently rediscovered and holds a place of honor in her teenage room.

  10. her bear/kitty is the gorgeous!

  11. those are some seriously adorable shoes!! Why do kids get all the fun and comfy shoes??

    What a sweet and well loved Blankey Bear. My kids all have blankies but thankfully we have several of each one. My mom made them for the kids when they were babes and when they all took to them, she made 4 of each so we could easily wash and never fear having lost one!! They all know there are copies and are fine with it - they know to grab one out of the dresser if ones in the wash! whew!

  12. I love your photos; your children are gorgeous! I want those shoes, I would wear them everywhere!
    Have a happy weekend; hope you found space to run..

  13. Not sure how you got linked up, but I'm glad you did!

    You always have such WONDERFUL pics!! I love the bicycle shot :)

    Going to get my hair done tomorrow night!!

    Sleep well tonight, my friend :)

  14. Wow - love the blankey (bear). My 4-year old has the blue version and can't go anywhere without it. First time I have seen another one.

  15. @ Linda - funny enough, Tertia (Albertyn's)Adam and Kate also have some and still love them.

  16. Hi Cat - you don't have to publish this post - I actually just want to say after reading your blog for a while now (sorry I don't comment, but that feature is blocked at work) I figured out I actaully know you IRL :). I am Vanessa's (Tyra's mom) sister-in-law. You and I sat on the steps at the one party and chatted for quite some time. Funny enough I am also a friend of Jeanette (Jeandre's mom). Jeanette and I were at ante-natal classes together with our first kids and her sister Salome and I are great friends (and work together). It is SUCH a small world........

  17. My fav is A on her way to the tea party.


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