Thursday, 19 August 2010

June 2009 - Book 16

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
I have looked at this book for years, thinking to buy it and always choosing something else in stead. I was simply not ready for another story of liberation in Africa. So when I saw it in the Book club, I also took a few months before I actually borrowed it and read it. And boy, was I wrong about this book - it is not about politics in -Africa at all, but more about politics right in every home.

When a borderline deranged missionary decides to take his family to Africa to "save the savages" the real savage in him comes out to play. A brutal and disillusioned man, he influences the lives of his daughters until the end of time.

Excellently written and a great story with very real and unique characters, this is simply a "must" read. Even if you do not feel like another African read.

Cat's rating: 9/10


  1. so bizarre that you are reviewing this book, I picked it up at my second hand book store yesterday for a mere R40. I have seen and heard about this book but have just never felt the will to read it until i saw it yesterday. Thanks for the review, it will help to get me started!

  2. i love love love this book. it completely changed the way i think about africa


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