Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The was my day.

I saw this over at Jenty's and then Laura copied it and I thought, what a great idea.
So here's my day today:
01:50 Our house alarm goes of. Bugger, faulty sensor again! All 3 kids awake. The princess gets into my spot in  bed with daddy.
01:55 Notice Little man L has his head beneath his duvet - he is all sweaty and hot. Take his temperature. 37,8 degrees. Get fever medicine and give to him.
02:00 Take his temperature again - normal! Go tell Hunter it was just due to brooding under the duvet and not actual fever. Go sit between their beds to calm the boys down.
02:10 Tell them I am going to sleep on the big bed in their room, so I am there if they need me. Little man L settles in immediately.
02:12 Little man C climbs into bed with me. Tosses and turns and kicks me. I reprimand and try to ignore him to sleep a bit.
02:30 I hear Hunter's wake-up alarm go off . No more noises - I assume he decided to sleep a bit longer.
03:25 Little man C informs me that he is going to sleep in his own bed. At last I get back to sleep.
05:05 Wake up in the Boys' room and realize Hunter has overslept. Wake him up, make coffee and help him to pack the truck and get on the road.
05:20 Decide to catch up on work mails and blog a book review. Read a few blogs.
06:15 The Princess wakes up. I have to caary her (apparently v.v. sick) downstairs where she has juice and watch Barney and High 5.
06:45 Go upstairs, shower and dress.
06:55 Little man L walks into our room. Go downstairs with him. Give him milk.
07:05 Start to organize 3 kid's medicine (about 12 items) and write notes on each little container with medicines for Lucy to give during the day.
07:15 Get all the recycling items into the car. Chat to the princess.
07:20 Load a batch of laundry.
07:25 Lucy arrives, brief her on the medicine, lunch etc.
07:30 Leave home - as I am reversing out of the garage Little man C and Lucy appear - he has just woken up and nead to say good-bye (little bugger's been sleeping off his late night antics)
07:48 Get to Laura's kids' school and hand over my recycling. My, that was super easy and great and very very fast.
07:58 Park at the office.
08:00 Check emails and get all ready to leave for a meeting in Bryanston.
09:00 Leave the office, fill car with petrol and drive to Bryanston.
09:55 Arrive on site. Go for a quick walk on site. Phone Hunter to see how far he has traveled. Phone home to check on kids.
10:05 - 11:30 Meetings.....
11:30 - 12:45 Go to other part of the site with the client and make some design decisions.
12:45 Drive back - hectic traffic. Stop at Woollies food to get us some samies. Hunter phones to tell me he has arrived on the farm.
13:56 Arrive back at the office.
13:56 - 13:30 Take a break. Read some blogs.
13:30 Do most urgent items on to do list. Answer mails etc.
15:30- 16:00 Meeting with an engineer on a big change on a project.
16:00 More items of the "to do" list.
16:30 Head home, top at SPAR and buy dinner for tonight and some very necessary Coco-pops.
17:00 Get home, hugs from the kids.
17:15 I am amazed watching the Princess( over a cup of tea) build her first 100 piece puzzle - totally unassisted
17:30 Make the kids dinner. Place one box of frozen fish in sauce on the kitchen top to fix for myself later.
18:00 Serve dinner - nobody eat, it's a battle.
19:00 Head upstairs to bath the kids. All the medicine at present takes ages to administer. The eye drops for 3 kids nearly push me over the hill of sanity.
19:20 Hunter calls  - have very brief chat as chaos prevails.
20:00 At last have the last kid (C) in bed and head downstairs to eat.
20:05 Feed puppykins.
20:10 Try to find my fish (veggies and mash ready from when I cooked for the kids). Nowhere to be found. Look in unlikely places.
20:20 Pour a glass of wine - check slip to make sure I am not going crazy.
Realize there is a kidlet involved in this issue. Find fish in unused wine rack in kitchen.
20:30 Sit down to eat dinner and tune in to watch NCIS.
20:45 The Princess cries from  upstairs - C is bugging her in her room. Have to go up 3 times to finally get him in bed.
Until 21:15 watch NCIS, drink tea, blog and read blogs. Decide the story line is a bit boring. Go upstairs, bath and try to read a bit.


  1. Isn't it just crazy how we try to juggle all the competing priorities? I was tired just reading through all of this!

  2. Wow, now that is what I call a day!

    This was neat. I should try it.

  3. whew! what a day!! I think I'd be scared some days to write out what my day is like. Some days, not too bad...other days (like tomorrow!) = crazy!!

    Hope the kids all feel better and are good while Hunter is gone!

  4. Wow have a hectic life...just reading this has me tired out and wanting to get back into bed;-D

  5. You deserve an award, or something! Too hectic!
    But that's what all us working moms do, don't we? ;-

  6. I love the 7:58 arrive at office (so punctual)

    Mine this morning 8:29 arrive in parking lot and RUN to meeting room :)

    What time do you normally go to bed?

    Are the babies better today?

  7. Marcia, the boys seem to be ok, The Princess is still miserable. She really has it bad.

    I normally try to go to bed by 10, but more often I got asleep at about 11.

  8. loved reading this, was like stepping into a little bit of your life...


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