Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday 15 October 2010

I am sure I say it every week, but I am ever so happy it is Friday! Gosh, this week has been long and tiring.
So let's start de-fragging :
  • I am taking the Princess to her very first full length ballet tomorrow morning, Sleeping Beauty, with granny and one of granny's buddies in tow. It is a special dress-up show for the girls and she is going to wear her evening dress and a little tiara. Pictures will follow.
  • After that we are rushing to attend Miss E's birthday party.
  • I have been going to the physiotherapist for the last few days for my sinus infection and sore shoulder from my fall. The sinus is definitely better (and I am getting used to acupuncture needles), the progress on the shoulder has been fantastic! I am a fan now, for sure.
  • We have the most stunning staff in our office. Today is Bosses' day in South Africa and we each got a beautiful card and a hard hat with the company logo on the front and our names on the back. Brilliant stuff.
  • Our silkworms have now started spinning and the kids are loving the process. We are once again spinning some shapes and I will show you more in a special silkworm post.
  • If you Wiki silkworms they tell you that silkworms are only bred for recreation purposes by kids in China. My gosh, I grew up with it here in South Africa - are we the only people apart from the Chinese to do it? Please tell me it's not true.
  • The Princess has a second loose tooth. I see we will have to start saving for this process.Or at least, the tooth faerie will have to.
  • A certain little boy whose name starts with an "L" has decided that at all of just 3 years old he can pour his own milk and juice. We have lost about 2 liters of milk and one of juice this week to the kitchen floor. Now the fridge has a kiddie lock on.
  • We might just have to pay on our promise for a visit to the zoo on Sunday as the trio of kids are behaving themselves rather well at present. Hold thumbs that the Komodo dragon is back. When we went last time it was a huge disappointment for the Princess when it was lent for a breeding program. It's apparently her favorite animal. Why does it surprise me? She has a serious dinosaur obsession.
  • Since I am allowing annon comments (so that some of my buddies can comment without open ID ) I am getting up to 4 spam comments a day! Just stay away from me you foreign language adult websites! Luckily the same friends leave the greatest comments - not a bad price to pay.
Well, I think that is about it for today - have a great weekend.


  1. Fear not, the silk worm thing is alive and well here in Australia too. There's always at least one family bringing silk worms to school to sell to friends and share the fun around!

  2. I always love reading your Friday fragments...but they make me tired and now I can do with a snooze!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend my darling friend.

  3. What a busy and fun week. Glad to hear the accupuncture is working.

  4. WAIT! It's Boss's Day today???

    Oh no - we did sweet nothing for him and as you know, he is TRULY fabulous. I will send him a quick SMS.

  5. I get spam comments all the time:-(

  6. LOL that silkworm trivia is interesting.
    Awesome re the hardhat, that's such a cool gift!

  7. Silkworms are fascinating!

    What's up with the spam... I luckily havn't seen any of that! Oh no, how do I keep this from happening to me?! I'm beginning to wonder if I should take some lessons in the chinese laguage after this week...

    I have a bit of a dinosaur obsession as well!

    Sleeping Beauty is sure to be brilliant... it's ballet!


  8. I'm still waiting for silkworms to hit Stutt - no word yet!

    I'm exhausted just reading your post - hope today was slightly more relaxed and that tomorrow you get to chill completely xxx

  9. I don't think I've ever witnessed the work of a silk worm..might have to google that!!

    Oh, how fun to have taken Lil Miss to a ballet! Sarah is going to be a ballerina for Halloween and I had hoped to enroll her in dance this winter but will have to wait until next fall from what I understand. I hope to find a ballet around here soon to take her to see!!

  10. YAY for the physio - glad its helping :)

    Hope the concert went well!

    Ours aren't spinning yet - we got some big ones from aftercare. Kiara checks them constantly!


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