Monday, 11 October 2010

October 2010- Book 26

When will there be Good News by Kate Atkinson
The only other two books that I have read by the author are both favorites of mine. "Behind the scenes at the museum" is a wonderful drama highlighting how a family does not cope with tragedy. "One good turn" is and intriguing bit of crime fiction (and some more) set at the Edinburgh festival. This read is a bit of both.

Featuring some of the characters I have met in "One good turn" this book also features not one, but 3 great female characters - each one clever, witty and  intriguing in her own way and each with a n interesting past.

Pivoting around a train disaster, a set of events featuring a 16 year old character called Reggie  -  a lonely, poor but brilliant girl- forms the backbone of the story, told with great compassion and speckled with Atkinson's telltale dry sense of humor. To be honest, I still have some questions milling in my mind about the eventual outcome of it all.

Clever and well written with endearing characters, this is a must read if you like a good crime read. 

Cat's ranking: 9 and a half/10 

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  1. You're right - this does sound like my cup of tea. Will have to investigate for when it's my turn to buy again xx


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