Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Being very domesticated .

So which three small kitchen appliances are your favorites? The ones you can not live without? I am not talking the standard stuff like kettles, microwaves and toasters, rather the more specialized ones.The ice-cream makers, bread bakers, etc. For instance we have a health griller, given to us as a wedding gift. It was all the fashion almost 10 years ago. I think we have used it 5 times. We also got an electric can opener as a gift - I hate the thing. In fact, I am just going to give it away. I would like a new blender and we are looking into slow cookers.

My top 3 are:
1. Our Russel Hobbs espresso maker. I can make magic coffees of all sorts with this - it is really a bit of a hobby almost and I love the whole process of it. We are both coffee addicts.

2. (Can also be seen in the background of the top picture) My Braun stick blender. I use it a lot! I even make mash with it. I made all my baby food for 3 babies with it and it still serves us well with soup etc.
3. My 3 tier food steamer. Gosh, I think I use it almost every second day. If veggies are not part of a dish or in a dish, they get steamed. I love that I put them in, set the timer and forget about it. And they are so fresh and tasty.

So please tell me which ones are your favorites in your kitchen - the ones you  use often or the ones you specifically love. If you feel the need for a post, please do so and just let me know in the comments. And also, which ones do you have, but do not use?


  1. I think the steamer is a great idea. For making healthy and quick food. It's very convenient aswell.
    My personal choice will be for the steamer.

  2. We have the same Espresso Machine - Dean loves his coffee, me not so much. So i havne't learn't to use it yet!

    I cannot do without my Kenwood Mixer. Even if i didn't have Yummy Mummy I would still use it daily.

    And my Electric Wok. Love it.

    Also our Waffle maker - we have them so often.

    And where would I be without Le Crueset stove top kettle!

  3. We are also coffee addicts...so the top of my list will be our coffee maker. I also use my Braun stick a lot...for making butternut soup. I need to get a slow cooker...I crave hot stews and don't feel up to making them when I get home at 5,

  4. I honestly don't really want any more counter-top appliances, except maybe a slow cooker or a bread maker. I may get the slow cooker but unless the price of bread makers comes down considerably, no.

    I asked D and he said straight away "coffee maker" - even though we have one in a box on the top of the kitchen cupboards :)

  5. I also love our steamer! Love it that we can stack everything into it, and off it goes!

  6. I love my Braun stick blender as well. I use it for nearly everything. We have a slow cooker (used it twice) and a new processor and a Kenwood Major (Mr OL and I were having a domestic and could not decide which to buy so he bought one and I bought the other.... We have not used either! Before I got married I used my electic frying pan for nearly everything but now it is in a top cupboard.

    So to make a long story short (sorry about that ) - I have one favourite - my stick blender

  7. oh griet bok. me and the kitchen? um, i would have to say my waffle iron even though it only get used once or twice a year! Its always fun!

  8. Food steamer is on my list of things to buy!!!

  9. I don't think I can name 3 counter top kitchen appliances, that I use often, besides the kettle.
    I also have the Braun stick blender, and it's great, but I've had mine for about 4 or 5 years now and it still goes in the original box, which looks like new. So I won't say I use it often.
    I think the thing I use most is the snackwich maker, and that only gets used about 5 times a year and then normally all in the space of a week!

  10. Our 1 cup Coffee Maker (Flavia) is my favorite thing. Close behind it is our Griddle - we make pancakes almost every weekend!


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