Friday, 26 November 2010

Ahh, Friday...

It just seem as if the weeks are speeding towards the end of the year. So I think I can manage a few bullets today, but that is about it:
  • Tonight it the Princess' long awaited school concert. She is hugely excited after the initial disappointment of not being a Barbie to be the lead teddybear.
  • Tomorrow night we are actually going to a grown up party
  • In just 4 sleeps we will have our end of the year function.
  • In just 8 sleeps, I will be 39 again...
  • In just 14 sleeps Hunter and I will be married for 10 years
  • In just 19 sleeps we will close the office for the year.
  • In just 20 sleeps we will be on our way to a camping holiday.
Have a great weekend!


  1. End of year is crazy, but also nice all the parties and festive things to look forward to! Enjoy! :D

  2. Enjoy the concert! I bet your gorgeous girl will be just brilliant :-)

    I spent this evening at the school bands' end of year concert (we have 3 bands at the primary school). Tom is in the junior band playing the flute, they're really not bad at all for a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds.

  3. Busy busy busy! 20 days till hols is not that far away and then you can chill!

    And hopefully we can meet up.

    Good luck for the concert and have fun tom at the 'adult party'.

    Was lovely chatting yesterday. xx

  4. 39 again? Will you come to my 50th if I invite? I hope to see you when you are in PE...I will count the sleeps until then.

  5. I love the countdowns! Makes it more exciting because it is crazy busy otherwise.

    How are you celebrating your bday and anniversary? Can you tell us or is it a secret? ;)

    I have 9 days of work left :) And it may be 8.5 if next Thursday pans out with a shoot we're trying to organise.

  6. Enjoy the adult party. That's surely gonna be fun :)

  7. How was the concert?

    We don't have any holiday planned :( however, since it's my business, I also don't plan on working full days .... I'll do late morning and early afternoons lol

  8. Ah, to be 39 again! And I've got my fingers crossed that summer comes around my way again soon...

  9. LOTS to look forward to! wow...busy month ahead, too! December is always like that!! Hope its all fun!


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