Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Why didn't anbody warn me?

is what I am thinking at the moment.
This little man L is truly pushing the boundaries at the moment. In terms of busyness, mostly, but also just in terms of ignoring us and any possible punishment or discipline.In the picture here he looks all cute and saintly, and believe me there are periods in the day where I wish his brother had the ability to play for a long period of time on his own, like he does. But certain times during the day is a real challenge. 

He climbs onto EVERYTHING. Very very dangerous behavior. He even climbed out of the dining room window to get outside last night. We can not leave a top story window open in their room because he will find something to climb on and out. It is tiring and nerve wracking. He also has a tube obsession, everything in a tube has to be squeezed out - be it toothpaste, moms body lotion or ointment. He is into everything that he can reach or can climb on something to reach to. Turn your back and he has dragged a stair to the stove and is throwing hands full of rice on to the floor. Or he turns over the box of serial on the floor. Give him juice in a cup (and yes, I am trying to do away with sippy cups etc.) and he will find somewhere to spill it and make a mess. Give him access to the outside and he will sit in the dog's water bowl or splash it everywhere. It is truly tiring.

Adding to this is the old "self" thing - he insist on pouring his own juice (with the mess involved), closing the doors and putting his own toothpaste on his brush. A pity he does not get the potty training no 2 in that category too (yes, we still do not have that one under control)

I truly believe that school next year might help in sorting some of these energy issues out - he is still very tired and need a nap in the day, but runs the rest of the day on full speed, total overdrive. And my, can he run! He runs so fast for that tiny low muscle toned body. 

But then, after running like mad, destroying all an sunder - he calls me (by my name these days, not mommy!) and climbs onto my lap for a huge wet kiss and a cuddle- and sometimes a puppy dog lick. And then he spends half an hour playing with his cars in total peace and quiet.

So the point to this all is the old girl vs boy debate. Which is the most difficult? Marcia and I have been debating this little issue. My conclusion - on an emotional level girls are certainly more difficult. Physically, certainly boys are on a totally different level. Just totally! 

What's your opinion?


  1. Honestly - Kiara is more difficult on every level.

    We have been in the ER with her more times than with Cameron for injuries, things stuck up her nose/ear etc

  2. LOL, boys are a real handful :)
    Aaron also has to do everything for himself and Gd help you if you try do it for him...

  3. I wonder if she is the exception to the rule? What does the other moms think?

  4. I don't have a boy, so I can't compare. But whenever I see my friends with their boys I am very thankful that I have girls! Boys are way too busy for me...
    Good luck! :D

  5. Oh, Cat, I fell in love with your little boy as I read that. Love the kisses and cuddles :)

    Thanks for the link - I definitely feel you've nailed it - girls are more emotionally draining, and boys are more physically draining (especially for old people like me) :)

    This morning driving to work, I thought "at least I don't have twin BOYS" because I'd be more tired than just chasing around after Connor. Gosh, he's strong for such a little guy

  6. My one twin also climbs on/in/over/out of everything and she's a girl :-)
    I placate myself with the thought that she's figuring stuff out, but it's hard to draw the line somewhere.
    Feel your pain!

  7. Ditto Laura. Carmen has been more times to ER than Andrew has ever thought of. My theory is it's sibling placement. The youngest are always trying to show you they can do as well and better than the older ones.

  8. Madelein maybe has a point there. I wonder what the boy/girl twin mommies think? Debi, Marcia, Jamie?

  9. My vote would be weighted. I was born to have girls:-)

  10. Can I throw a spanner into the works here..............

    Is he not bored? Is he being stimulated enough during the day? Perhaps he has a lot more energy than his brother, and requires more input? Just a suggestion?

    But from what I know, boys are way more energy consuming than girls. On a physical level. Emotional - well girls are another story now aren't they?

  11. OMG Cat I feel your pain! We have one of our guys that is totally pushing every boundary lately and having wicked tantrums when we enforce the rules. He wears me out! I have no comparison for the boys vs. girls debate - since my twin are boys - but I am in full agreement that boys will physically and mentally wear you out!!
    I hope your little trouble maker and my little tantrum maker find their way to good behavior soon - I am running out of ideas for consequences!

  12. No comment on the boys vs girls - but phew, that tired me out just reading it! Good luck.

  13. Oh my goodness...boys are always so much more busy! But give me a boy to raise anyday...when girls hit the teens they become a total nightmare. Maybe it is only in my case.

  14. My boy is the easy one, my twin daughters are satanic. They were both just like this. Here's what had to happen for me; they had to turn four! And I still won't leave them alone with tubes of ANYTHING!!!!

  15. I have come across several mommy bloggers at their wits end with girls who are totally disrespectful,fearless, challenging authority, yelling and screaming at their parents, calling them names etc.

    I think it totally depends on their temperament!

  16. Jacob has been all boy lately - rough and tumble and physical and a temper like mad! He threw a chair at school today b/c a friend took his toy! HUH? He threatened another friend last week (he took some serious punishment for that one at school and home).

    Sarah is a piece of work at times as well but more so on the emotional end - tantrums crying and whining that goes on and on and on...ugh!

    Neither is fun and both are exhausting. I'm just grateful that rarely do they ever both act out at the same time. Usually when one is being naughty, the other one is Extra Good at the time. Whew!


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