Friday, 12 November 2010

Journaling Junkie

The ever so charming Betty of Bettybake had this super great idea to do a blog it forward. To give some other great bloggers exposure on ours and they do the same for you. In our little group we complied a list of questions which we all answered.

So, introducing you to the first of my Blog it forward fellow bloggers, meet Stefanie:
Stefanie is big into scrapbooking, and although I am a very creative girl I never really got into this. So reading her blog is so interesting - it is almost a new language that I have to learn! So go ahead, and have a look.
15 Questions to Stefanie:

1. Why you started the blog/ who you’re blogging for
The journalingjunkie blog was started by Stella Crupko and I took it over July 2 years ago. It is designed to inspire scrapbookers to add meaningful journaling to their creations. Telling the who, what, where and why, with insight, depth and humour.

2. What you love about it/ hate about it
I love having a team of designers to show off, I hate that participation has dwindled and enthusiasm has waned.

3. How you came to choose the name for your blog.
I can’t say why Stella called it journaling junkies, except that she was passionate about journaling.

4. Who would you give your last rolo to?
I would give my last rolo to my hubby if he asked really nicely and my children too ~ actually it would depend on who was with me at the time, being a closet eater of chocolate, it could well be mine, all mine.

5. If I were a colour, which would I be...and why.
I would be mauve, a mixture between pink, purple and lilac, a strong confidant colour.

6. What 3 moments defined your life and explain briefly.
Being born again at the ripe old age of 20.
Getting married to the only person I could dream of spending more than an afternoon with.
Being pregnant 5 times, having three children and the loss of those other  2.

7. What song would best describe you?
I would aspire to “my Father’s eyes” by Amy Grant
I wanted to say “baby makes her blue jeans talk” but my oldest vetoed that one.

8. If you could choose another career or job and money is no option, what would you do?
 Run a bed and breakfast on a tropical island.

9. If the faerie comes with her magic wand and give you one wish that you have to use for yourself (and no one else), what would it be?
To have a healthy, extremely tasty supper for 5, low cholesterol, gluten free at the push of a button every night.

10.What are you doing this December and are you looking forward to it?
We’re looking at cruises at the moment, air flights not withstanding. Yes, would love to go.

11. What 3 things are on your Christmas wish list?
A trip to Disneyland
Jessica Sprauge’s deep in digi class

12. What is your idea of a perfect day off?
Home alone, Jacob’s coffee in one hand, and a great book or magazine in the other, feet under the duvet, on my bed with all three cats.

13. Favourite book – one that you can read over and over and not tire of?
Rebecca Sower’s book “little treasures”

14. First blog you started reading?
Ali Edwards (

15. You get to make over one room in your house – which room would it be and why? Maybe add a pic of how you would like to change it!
I would love to redo my bathroom, ditch those grey tiles, and mouldy grout. Get rid of the bath and have a huge shower with multiple shower heads, move the window to the side of the house with the best view...and not the neighbours.


  1. ...and I thought I "knew" Stef...and out pops things I did not know at all. Great post!

  2. Thanks so much Cat, you did such a great promo job even I would want to read about me.

  3. You are always finding fun new things to blog about. I'll have to head over and check her out.

  4. It is very valuable answer

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!


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