Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oh Christmas tree...

So the Christmas tree is up, the nativity scene was build. I would love to paint a picture of smiling happy kids decorating to the tune of soft Christmas music. Hec, even  the picture of smiling happy kids decorating to the tune of Boney M Christmas music would be great. But no, we had fighting and shoving by Little man C and the Lil Miss to the tune of "Bob the builder" on which Little man L insisted.
But at the end, after decorations were hung and re-hung and a shepherd was saved after being flung across the room, peace and quiet descended, some sibling love rekindled and wonderment over the lights assumed.

Now, mommy need to get herself into the festive spirit - the birthday and Christmas spirit, pronto! If I can just get past the tiredness.

Btw, the Advent calender is working brilliantly, and I re-used the little old tree.


  1. The tree looks great! :D
    I know what you mean about getting into the festive spirit! Feeling a bit blah...

  2. what a unique tree! My older two loved decorating. The lil guy got into it for a few...but then got mad b/c we wouldn't let him run away with the ornaments so he just gave up!

  3. OMW...LOVE, LOVE, your tree!!!!!

  4. Your tree looks lovely!

  5. I love your tree...and the childrens antics sound like "life as usual":-) I hope you get over your tiredness and that you get through your last days at work without hitch.


  6. WOW that is so lovely :)

    next thing on my list is to buy a Nativity scene - may look for one at the Irene market tomorrow!


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