Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A bit of this and that

  • This week is a super busy one - it started on Saturday with the family fun day at the boy's school. I took some great photos and this time the school is selling a CD with the pics for a bit of funds.  I will put some up at Captured by Cat when I have a chance.
  • I have to drive to Joburg 4 days running this week for work - it tires me out. I also loose 2 hours a day at work so my work gets behind. I have no idea how some people do it every day.
  • Tonight is Bookclub! So looking forward to it. BTW we have an opening in March/April - if you are interested comment here. It is an Afrikaans club though.
  • On Thursday night we have mommy's night at the Princess' school - to meet the moms etc. I think I could rather have done something else with the evening, but I guess it is important to attend these things.
  • On Saturday the Princess has a class party to meet the other kids and parents in her class at a more social level.
  • We slept through last night but bedtime was a small disaster. But that is all ok, plus the boys waking up at 5:20, if we can only sleep through. My one wish!
  • I have to find my ID which I put in a "safe place" at home somewhere and now can not find. We need to re register for the elections as our ward changed.
  • I need to find our washing and ironing and cleaning lady a new job as Lucy can do all that now with the boys in school and school fees cost us a fortune. Anybody want a reliable and honest maid?
  • L is doing so much better at school - not really loving it yet, but participating etc. Now to get him to re-potty train for school - he somehow does not even want to do no 1 at school.
Ok, so let's hit the road - hope your day is great.


  1. I'm with you on the commute to JHB. I was based on site there for a few months and would leave PTA at the crack of dawn to get there on time. After that I said there is no salary in the world that would make it worth my while to travel back and forth each day.

    Good luck and lots of patience!

  2. My friend is looking for a reliable honest domestic/nanny that can understand Afrikaans, and live in, she lives in Randburg?

  3. In watse areas sal sy werk en hoeveel het jy haar betaal as ek mag vra?

  4. I hate it when I know the week ahead is jam packed - it puts me in a very bad mood!

    Good luck with all the travelling. Wish I was closer coz i would definately apply for your bookclub.

    Have a good week my friend xxx

  5. Enjoy the ride ;-D
    I would hate it as well! Also a big time suck!

  6. Jeepers, it is a hectic week!
    We need to also re-register for voting.

    Hope you week flies by...I am sure it will with all this going on!

  7. I'm with Alida - there is no salary worth the commuting stress to spend 2 hours in a car a day.

    Glad L is starting to enjoy school. And I pray good, sound sleep for all of you every night!!!!!!! That interrupted sleep thing messes up my whole day - I am USELESS.

    Does Lucy live in?

  8. Your weeks sounds just like mine LOL

  9. Hectic schedule my friend...I DO hope you get time to breathe;-D

    I am so glad that I am not the only one that puts things away so well that I can't find it again...I thought it was an age thing...now I feel much better:)

  10. Sleeping through does make for more tolerable disaster bed times :)

    Glad L seems to be adjusting!

  11. Super busy is enough to drive you super crazy!


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