Monday, 23 May 2011

The weekend was such a busy one

 Gee, we had such a busy weekend, totally devoted to the kids, but I guess both of us will get our turns. For one thing, they had mountains of fun and 3 very tired kids slept well last night.
On Friday afternoon I went with the Princess to a party of twins in her school - the boy twin sits next to her in class and the girl twin is her best playmate on the school grounds out of her own class. So she was one of just a few friends from school invited to attend. I love spending time just with her somewhere and having a quiet afternoon, chatting to other moms over a glass of champers or wine. BTW the mom made the cakes herself!

On Saturday morning after my facial, the boys had their very first Sport day at school. The kids are divided into 3 "colour" teams via their surnames so that siblings fall into the same team. Our two was in the red team and we all dressed in red to support. Our little guys participated in 3 events:
Sack race (C only had to be helped the last quarter of the course)
Obstacle course:

 Ball and bat race - here we were amazed at how well L did all on his own! Even with one almost blind eye, he did superbly!

 And the Princess? She just loved catching up with her old chums at her old school.

 On Sunday the Princess' school celebrated celebrated their 10the birthday with a picnic and a show by "Oom Karolus en Lente" a local gospel pair. The kids truly enjoyed it tremendously.
10 balloons released for 10 years.

The birthday cake with cupcakes for the littlies in the back.
Oom Karolus en Lente.

 The kids had the most incredible time - he really knows how to get and keep their attention.
We ended off the weekend by taking the pups for a play in the park.
A busy, but great weekend makes my Monday.
Playing along with Cheryl.
So, that was our weekend, how was yours?


  1.  Gosh that does sound busy :)

    I love those house cakes - such a cool idea!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I look at these photos with everyone in T-shirts and I think to myself...can't believe how suddenly winter arrived.

  3. I can believe the kids was totall tired after that! But it must have been great fun! Love that castle cake! :D 

  4. Sounds like a brilliant weekend.  We're gonna have one just like at the end of the month with Megan's tennis and Kaylin's sports day.

  5. Your weekend looks great!!! Ours was equally as busy:-) 

  6. omiword, i am exhausted just reading all that! looks like a spectacular weekend - especially if you are a little person....methinks you need another me-time treat next weekend!

    stunning photos -- loved looking through them

  7.  My word, I've forgotten how tiring little people can be...always keeping one busy...

  8. I LOVE the castle and pirate ship cakes.  Very creative. 

  9. Sounds like such a memorable weekend...that shot of your two little "Red Teamers" is simply to priceless for words.

    Hope you have a restful week (glad you got that facial!) and thank you for playing along with Makes My Monday, Cat!

  10. laurakim  I also thought they were very cool- something I would like.

  11. It looks like your weekend was busy!
    I love the photo of the 10 balloons being released...:-)

  12. Looks like a fun packed weekend.  So awesome to see families having fun.

  13. Wow those cakes are awesome!! And that school event looks like so much fun

  14. That looks like a really nice party!
    Love the pic of the two boys together at sports day and the one with C and his "girlfriend".


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