Tuesday, 19 July 2011

March 2011 - Book 6

The Venetian House by Mary Nickson
This book was one of those pleasant bookclub surprises - you know, the type of books you will never buy, but on recommendation take out at the bookclub and then thoroughly enjoy.

When Victoria's husband Richard, dies unexpectedly she goes back to Vrahos, the old family home where her grandmother lives on the island Corfu. It is her happy place - where she feels sheltered and share many happy memories. Patrick, a photographer of old and beautiful houses, manhandled by his selfish wife, is sent to document the magic of the Villa and it's owner.

A multi generational love story, it reads with ease and relatively fast for the thickness of the book. A good and easy middle of the road type of story, but well worth the read.

A super idea for a holiday read - 7/10

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