Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Loving at the moment...

It has been a while since I did one of these...

1. My new 20 set of fine liners (Steadler Triplus) in their own little bag. I am a stationary addict - and these make me totally happy (I am shallow like that)- everything happens in colours as I have been writing in for years - now I just have 10 more to write with.
2. Going with the above, my set of note books I use every day. I always use them - sometimes I just love them more than other time. A full post to follow on this.

3. My doodle book. I constantly doodle and spend quite a bit of time daily on the phone with people, why I doodle away.  I almost always draw - I find I concentrate better while doodling. One of the guys in the office then one day (almost a year ago) brought me this book which I use on and off, depending on my mood. These days I am in a doodle book mood.

4. My new work coffee mug - we have plain white ones in the office but it has been a tradition of years to bring your own fun one. My last one featuring Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" on broke the other day. This one form Mr Price home just brings a smile to my face.
5. Tranquil body treats hand mousse - I have had winter hands for years - this has been my best year ever for my hands even though it has been so cold due to this lovely thick stuff and my gloves. Going into summer I am continuing this.
6. Zumba class  - need I say more.
7. Avocado pears -in season at the moment and I am totally addicted to the stuff. Let's forget the oils and remember the vitamins!

8. Salticrax - with the avocado pear or just like that, on it's own. I am particularly partial to the Mediterranean herb flavour.
9. Wonderful Lindt chocolate hamper I have received from Mimbles all the way from OZ! What a great surprise!
10. Hubby having booked our December holiday at the greatest spot! We are all looking forward to it!

So what are you loving at the moment? A list in comments or a little blogpost?


  1. Halleluja - can finally comment.  Almost gave up!

    Yes, LOVING avo's at the mo but So expensive - R22 for 2 from woolies?

    Didn't realise you were a crazed stationery addict - seems there are a lot of you out there in blogland!

    And LOVE the choc parcel - OMW!

  2. I also have Klimt-The Kiss coffe mug!

  3. Cool list!  Love Avos too.  Love your colourful doodles :-)

    What do I love at the moment?  My new running shoes that I ordered from an online UK site (and yes I have not actually started learning to run...), the little lambs in the paddock behind our house that would come right up to our deck and the new veggie garden boxes hubby is busy building.  Can't wait to start planting!!!

  4. You've just reminded me I have half an avocado in the fridge and some of my favourite crackers in the pantry - late night snack time!

    Inquiring minds want to know - what did you think of the Chili chocolate? :-)

  5. Also LOVE Avo. If I could get away with eating it every single day then I would. Awesome on toast with cheese. I once worked with a woman who was a doodler. She also said it helped her to concentrate. Think I must do my own post like this.

  6. Oh what a nice happy post. Love your coloured pens and doodles. But love the look of that Chocolate more! I love love love Lindt dark chocolate. Definitely need to find a reason to treat myself to some very soon. YUMMY!!!


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