Tuesday, 15 November 2011

So what about an advent calender?

Some of you may remember that I made an Advent calender for the kids? I know quite a few of you loved the idea.(click here to see full post)

This year I am making it again - I am however going to be a bit more creative - I have some stickers for some days in stead of sweets, as well as those temporary tatoos and a looking for other small bits to add. I am also going to for instance put a picture of an ice-cream in one day and that day we will go out for one etc.

 So I am thinking of being festive and sharing - if you would like to make this for your kids, I will mail you the A3 pdf file - you need to print it out in colour and buy one of these (the Big Jim 350mm Organizer available of Game for R59,95) and fill with whatever you might like. If you can get to me in Pretoria, I will even print one for you to collect. Full instructions in the original post. I have swung it around into portrait frame this year because the tag to hang it is in that direction.

So if you are interested, leave me a comment with an email addy and I will send it on to you.
Happy festive season!


  1. I love this idea Cat. Are you staying home this year?

  2. Very creative!
    Please mail me the pdf file. It sounds like fun!


  3. Cat you are so very very clever! What a great idea!

  4. What a great idea!
    I do not need them this year as the kids won't be home. I do not think that their grandparent will do something like this either.
    But I love how creative you are.

  5. I'm a but of a lurker, but I love this idea! It is so pretty and I like the fact that you can choose the things to put in - fun for mom as well! Can you please email it to me as well? My email addy is: katy.southafrica@gmail.com. Thanks!

  6. AWESOME!!!!! Very creative. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Please can you e-mail me? My addy is helienorman@yahoo.com.au. The kids will love this.

  7. Am making this for my man this year!! He is a kid at heart and loves christmas time too! The trick is finding goodies to pop inside! Love this idea!

  8. melodybinos@gmail.com

    Cat - this is so cool! thank you for sharing it with us all. :-)

  9. Oh I would LOVE the pdf document. Pls send to julia dot webber at gmail dot com.
    Thank You!


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