Friday, 28 August 2015

And that was August...

Well almost - but it has flown right out of the door in the wink of an eye. What did not help was being busy at work and loosing a whole week to a tummy bug. The worst one ever for me. So firstly apologies to Cindy who I was supposed to feature this month and to Ella Bella who was supposed to feature me but whom I never got around to answer her mails. What can I say girls - the month swept by and disappeared in a cloud of Gauteng dust and pollen. Because yes, its Spring! Glorious! I love that Winter is (mostly) over.

So what's happening in our world? Well A is in the midst of a test series and has a project with an oral due next week. Most is done in class and she is well away with getting it all done. Next week Friday is drama Eisteddfod and preparations for the ballet exam is taking a lot of her time. The girls have also decided to audition for the schools' talent evening which has huge competition to get chosen for the showcase evening - we will see how that goes.

The boys have both had a Voortrekker badge day  - C did the Animal recognition badge and  L the Junior chef. C and his troupe spent a delightful evening last Saturday having a sleep over named "A night at the museum" in the Ditsong museum of Natural history (the old Transvaal museum). It was a great adventure for the boys who literally got to know every single bit of the museum. They also both competed well in a Judo tournament where L managed to win every fight he had and took gold. C was in a higher weight division for the first time and the lightest boy in it. He still managed bronze . I am so very proud of my little Judoka. Bev cricket season is in full swing once again and Wednesday evenings are spent with the sound of balls against bats and the now and again cheers that cricket brings. It certainly has a unique atmosphere that goes with it.

While C was at the museum Hunter took A and L to watch the Bulls on Loftus. The school was awarded and amount of tickets and the kids had great fun surrounded by their friends. It is also hockey season and A had a tournament last Saturday and L has one tomorrow.

Third term always seems the busiest of them all to me. But we are fine - doing well. And it's Spring! Possibly the greatest bit that third term brings.

So how are you all doing? I have also not been reading blogs either so please let me know.


  1. No problem! I have been struggling to keep up my end of this too!

  2. I'm also soooo happy that it's spring time! Love the jasmine piccie, that's also my main spring icon!
    I agree that the 3rd term is always super busy. It's going to rush by as well!

  3. Also so happy about the onset of Spring!

  4. Cannot be more happy that Spring is almost upon us. New beginnings :)

  5. I'm glad that it's getting warmer, but I'm worried about the lack of rain this year.

    August being done is scary, it means it's time to plan the end of the year bits and pieces 0_o.

  6. I'm already melting and was really looking forward to a few more weeks of winter...

    The one thing I LOVE about spring/ summer is the light though.

  7. Love that Spring is here! Also busy!

  8. I got exhausted on your behalf reading all the kids have lined up!'n

    I'm happy spring is here but not looking forward to summer!!! My nose is already acting up which signals the change in seasons.


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