Thursday, 12 April 2012

Firefighter Fred goes to school

The Boys are doing Letterland at school and the whole first term we have been made aware of who the Letterland visitor of the week was - be it Annie Apple or Harry Hatman or Sippy snake.Although Mr L is still behind on his development, he recognizes every letter they have done - Mr C of course, runs the whole alphabet for you. But visuals are clearly his "thing".  But it is just the first week of school and the mommy of the house is nowhere near school, never mind Letterland mode.
So this morning Mr L had a tiny freak out at home - he insisted on showing his Firefighter hat to his teacher. We were running late for his OT appointment so I agreed that he could show it to his OT, which he did, but still insisted it had to go to school. Now the school has a very strict policy against toys at school, for many good reasons. So I agreed that he could show it to his teacher but that it would go back to the car with mommy. He very reluctantly agreed. When we got to school he ran to her and gave her his hat, and she exclaimed "Well done L! The only one in the whole class to remember!" It turns out she asked them to bring Firefighter gear from home if they had as Firefighter Fred is visiting this week from Letterland. Although he did not have all the correct  words to express to me why he insisted, I am super proud that he remembered and had the confidence to stand by his knowledge - especially seeing that they are two of the youngest kids in their class and he is behind his age.

Every parent of a special needs or developmental delayed child  knows how much we treasure these special moments. They give us hope, infinite hope. Which is my word for the year, if you do not know yet.


  1. I can so relate to your situation - with my son and his ADHD as well. Moments like these do give hope.
    I'm so so happy that you got to experience a moment like this with your son.

  2. How fantastic, Cat. My heart smiled as I read your post today. :)

    1. My heart MELTS when I read this post - LOVE it! What a precious boy :)

  3. Not sure why but this brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad he was persistent and got a very well deserved praise from his teacher :-)

  4. What a special moment that must have been! My son is not at that age yet, but I do take great joy and pride when he does show me that he is capable!

  5. Awwww....I LOVE this post! Made me all teary when I read it. I know too well about those special moments.

  6. Sweet child of yours. Just shows that sometimes we do actually have to listen and pay attention to their 'demands'.

    Happy friday x


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