Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Oh hallo!

So I have been rather quiet around the blogworld and social media world lately. Well, lets exclude Instagram which is really so easy and fast. The point is that I have loved taking a bit of a break and suspect I will never catch up on my reader though. But I did finish a lovely book, did some crafting, some cooking and organizing.

I really wanted to go away for this long weekend ( all of 5 days for the out of South Africa friends if you put in 1 day of leave), but alas, our usual places were all booked up so we decided to stay home. It has been lovely though, well most of it. The rest have been fine too - not too much issues with the kids and I do feel like I have had a bit of a holiday.

We did spend a bit of time in some of our city's kid friendly offerings, some time with family and friends and quite a bit of time at home and the weather has been fantastic. I will post some photo highlights later.

Hope your weekend has been great and looking forward to see those posts filled with happy holiday snaps - be it around home or away.


  1. Sometimes I love just "exploring" fun stuff with the kiddos close to home...definitely takes less planning! Glad you are feeling (at least a little bit) rested!

  2. My weekend has been quiet and peaceful, just the way I like it. Bonus: I saw Shayne on Saturday<3

  3. Oh we had a wonderful weekend away - just blogged.

    Glad u had a great weekend - sounds like it was the perfect mix of everything xx

  4. Sounds like the best kind of weekend - a bit of everything...

  5. We also had an eventful long weekend with a Cullinan train trip and magaliesberg Canopy Tour!

    1. I loved the canopy tour! I guess you were on the steam tain trip? I really want to do that

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I just love long weekends.

  7. Staying at home, can be lovely as you stated here.
    Glad you had such a great weekend :)

  8. I love long weekends...especially spending them at home. ;-) And then the short week after a lobg weekend is my next favourite thing.

    I should have been born as sonething that's allowed to hibernate.

  9. I've been kinda quiet online lately, too...not much to blog about myself and just skimming over other blogs. Trying to catch up tonight though. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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