Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday bits and pieces

So how is everyone? Gosh this week has flown by at a speed! Things have been hugely busy at work and everything is happening at a deadly pace. So what's going on?
  •  Hunter had a first aid course this week in the evenings so I have the bath and bedtime thing all on my own - it is tiring but it went well. I stand in awe every day at how single parents cope.
  • The weather is simply fantastic and we have an early Spring/ Summer around here. I know we will have a good cold front still some time in September but I am loving the heat.
  • The Princess is at her ballet exam course today and tomorrow and next weekend - one of the twice yearly ballet crunch times. She is being rather dedicated, which I love, by practicing to the DVD I took almost every evening. 
  • I bought the books for Booklclub this week and amongst them is the last "Spud" book in the series. Boy, am I enjoying it!
  • On Tuesday the school has English speech festival (one of only two Afrikaans schools in the city that participates in it) - she decided on her own that she will be reciting an English poem. She knows it well but I am afraid she is not as well rounded as for the drama because we are doing this on our. But I am sure it will go well enough and I know she will try her best.
  • I have ordered paint (we get a nice industry discount at one of the suppliers) and painting the interior of the house will start soon. I am still not 100% sure about the colour I chose with my favorite of -white colour (Plascon Tranquil) but it's just paint. We can always re paint.
  • I am on a mission to catch up on framing the family photograph gallery and will pick up the last prints today. Hopefully we will hang all on the weekend so that we can repaint the wall with anchors in tact.
  • I am enjoying our new/old vinyl record player so much. Over the weekend I plan to unpack our old vinyls.
  • With the nice weather we are thinking of opening the summer drive-in season tonight. Ice age 4 is showing and the Dark Knight - it remains to be seen if Hunter and I will actually stay awake for the Dark Knight but I have no problem leaving after Ice age. At R 65 for the whole family it is still a bargain.
  • Qphoto now has a Picassa photobook that has "lie flat" pages. I am very excited about this and have decided to see if I can take over the work I have done on our 2011 album to it or possibly re-do. I have only done January.
  • The school has requested L's last term report with his OT evaluation and the principal is reviewing his entry and placement with a teacher. I am a bit nervous about this as it's been a week and I have not heard anything. Let's hope no news is good news. In any event, the next step will be to have a meeting with us and his OT and not a flat out refusal. We might not even get to that. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers for that please.
  • Mr L has moved from phase 1 OT to phase 2 OT - so now we have homework (other than almost play things as previously)  to real paper work. In order to get this done I make 3 copies of everything and just let all 3 kids do it. It is of course well below the Princess' level, but she still enjoys "playing school" with them and almost assume a teacher role as she does it with them.
  • And I am planning a "There's no place like Space" party! Jip, the boys requested it. I am actually quite excited because "Space" is a great theme and I love non commercial (ie not Spiderman, Bob the builder etc) parties - apart from the Princess' 5th (it was a Hello Kitty Ballet - but I did none of the commercial stuff - made all myself) we have never had a commercial party in the family.
  • I need to tidy and clear my clothes cupboard for the summer stuff! Yeah summer.
  • Hunter brought me some Sally Williams chocolate covered nougat the last two nights. I think Nougat must be the very best in sweetness every.
SO what's happening in your life? Anything planned for the weekend?


  1. I assume you and your family is going to use Menlyn's drive in, as I don't know of any other drive in left :(
    Enjoy the drive in.
    Nougat is something I only have with my grandmother. She loves it and I share that with her :)

  2. I am loving the warm weather too - if the weather stays this way then I think we'll have a very pleasant first swim of the season on Spring day. :-)

    My weekend looks like it's actually going to be pretty choatic! I have Slutwalk tomorrow morning, then I have to go do grocery shopping and then a dress up birthday party tomorrow night (theme: super heroes and super villains). Sunday we'll do church and then after I plan to take the family to our local garden centre and pick up some seedlings to stick in the group as our quality time activity.

    I hope to fit a few naps in between all of that too, but we'll see how it goes. Oh yes, and of course bloody laundry.

    1. Interesting enough tying shoelaces is a grade 1 readyness milestone - they teach them in grade R and you have to practice it!Although the Princess can tie her laces very well, she still prefers us to do it as our knots stay tied longer

  3. I am almost finished the last Spud and I have to say its the best one yet. Takes me back to my school days in PMB. This weekend I am going out for drinks with a friend tonight but otherwise it will just be a nice relaxing weekend. Hoping to get a bit further on the potty training.

  4. My daughter said it was very hot today - of course being in an office and not going out, I didn't experience it. I am hoping to tomorrow - have to pull out my summer clothes too. You've had a busy week!:) We're having a bit of a reunion tomorrow with some old friends - going to the deep South for prawns! Should be a lot of fun! Have a lovely week-end!

  5. I LOVE me some nougat. And I LOVE the Spud books - need to get the latest one still. In fact, Child1 has just started reading Spud and he LOVES it. Well done to Mr L for progressing so well, am sure all will be fine with the school thing.
    This weekend I'm going to a High Tea - apparently I need to wear a hat which I don't have. Best I go and raid my Mom's closet, speaking of which I need to sort out my clothing as well. On Sunday I'm knitting with Sally.
    Enjoy your weekend, looks like you are going to be very busy. Hope you manage a nap inbetween all that.

  6. WoW you definitely had a full week...

    I didn't realise it was hot (stuck behind my desk all week). Dreading summer if the temp now is anything to go by, though I can't wait for PTA to turn purple.

    This weekend is fitness weekend for me. Pilates on Saturday morning (Dr says I need to stretch a lot), 5km walk (spar women's race) in the afternoon. Revlon Choc walk on Sunday :) I'm super excited.

    Wish your princess best of luck in her ballet exams

  7. Lots going on!! good luck with the paint and the Space party! Sounds fun!! We've painted most rooms in our house the past few years - the next project will be remodeling our main bathroom. We had planned to do it this summer but glad we didn't start the project as we've been too busy.

    good luck with Lil miss's Dance...Sarah insists she wants to try again thsi year so she's signed up and seems excited!

  8. Wow, busy lady! The space party sounds amazing, I always love what you do for your parties. Good luck with the painting, always a bit of a mission but so worth it in end. It's been cold n rainy here so we been watching lots of ALIAS na di have been painting and the kids been on the iPads !

  9. YOu've got to know all the house stuff gets me so excited - there's just something about spring to sort out stuff - organise, paint, nest, isn't there?

    I can't wait to see pics (take before pics too) of your new paint colour. I love how you're so calm about this (as with everything) - I go into a total denial that my house is going to be a MESS. That's why I try as far as possible to choose properly first because I can't do the repainting. It sends me over the edge. HOwever, when you have the right paint colour, it's like a little bit of heaven every day (I love our bedroom colour so much!!!!)

    And YES, let's hope no news is good news for L!

  10. Love the space theme.
    If you upgrade the Picasso software, it's a mission and a half to print an older book that's half designed... so my suggestion... either re design it, or wait until it's done, and then upgrade.

  11. Seems there is a lot happening at work and even more at home. Sending prayers your way regarding little man L. We are still way behind on summery weather in PE...maybe towards the end of September things will start to heat up.


  12. Have just cleaned out every single cupboard in our house and repainted some of the rooms. I'm loving the available space and the clean look.


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