Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Lion's favorite things

Mr L's favorite list form October is here.
I have to add that this is the very first time that he has actually given me answers on questions like these. In the past I had to assess and give answers - this time he did all on his own. Some immediately, others after I gave him examples or options.

DVD:  Auto B Good - any one
Meal: "Worsie" -  boerewors (sausage) on the braai
Fruit: Pineapple and strawberries I swear he can eat half a pineapple at a time
Vegetable: Potato No surprise - he is not really into veggies yet but at least am eating all types now
Breakfast: Egg and toast or Coco pops
Drink: "Pienk melkies " - strawberry flavoured milk
Drinking yogurt flavour: Strawberry
Sweets: Chocolate -still our chocoholic
Chips/crisps: Cheese naks
Toy:  Spartan sword and shield - he took these to school yesterday for show and tell
Colour: Blue
 I also asked him his sister's additional questions:
Animal: Lion
Sea animal: Nemo! (clown fish)
Bird: Flamingo - they made a huge impression at the zoo
iPad app: " Spotty horse" - Make a scene - farmyard
Book: "Dinosaur sleep over"
Song: "Alles vir jou" van Lianie - May & Jay For the record - none of the parent's taste in music - very corny stuff
Extra mural activity: Rugga (rugby) and swimming
Current obsession: Cars, trucks and bulldozers


  1. Love these:-) Always so nice to see where they are at and how their tastes change.

  2. Precious Cat. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh these! Such a great idea. This is why i love blogging...remembering the small things.

  4. Isn't it just amazing how different they all are? Love it.

  5. Very cool that he answered himself this time :)


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