Tuesday, 6 November 2012

No rainbows and unicorns here today

Jip, just feeling very blah and tired. I guess it is expected after the very busy year we had. Work wise it has been hugely stressful and very very busy. I also found the decisions regarding Mr L and keeping him back very emotional. I am tired, run down and exhausted. Working late last night certainly did not help .I am also spoiled in the sleep department and Mr L waking up last night in absolute terror (something about a snake - he somehow is very scared of snakes and lizards and crocodiles) and struggling to fall asleep again.Grade 1 also kicked my whatsisname this year, but I think once we have been through it the rest will be easier to follow.But I know by now that every year around this time I take ans emotional dip - I just think the year gets too long. Does anybody else feel that way?

I have no inspiration for Christmas preparations and I am totally happy that we keep it as low key as possible. Same for holiday issues - we still have not made a real call on if and what we will do or any agreements with the in laws around December/Christmas whatever. The only thing we do know is that we are not going where we planned to - yes, we still want to go there, but next year when we know without a doubt that the boys are water safe. This year, I am too tired to worry if we go away and what we will do. I am totally happy staying home but I am under no illusion that the holiday will get very long for 3 little people and a break in space can be a good thing.For now, I am looking forward to spend time at home, organizing and so forth.

Same for my birthday - no inspiration here. We have our Bookclub's annual Christmas dinner on the evening of my birthday which actually makes it lovely to spend an evening with 10 friends for my birthday without organizing anything. Hunter is totally ok that I go and the two of us will do something special the weekend before as well as with the kids.

I had a whole post in the back of my mind about being a working mom as yesterday was just a total mess up of circumstances resulting in me not getting much work done (thus working so late last night) and driving to school and back twice during the course of the day, just and hour and a half apart. But let's leave it at that and get on with the ever mounting piles of work.

BTW - glasses still not found. Now he keeps saying something about the TV - we have looked everywhere there, and pulled back the cabinet, but we shall do it again tonight.

So anybody else not really into the festive season mood this year?


  1. My friend! I had a discussion with D on the way to and from the concert about all these things!!!!

    I'm feeling even more low-key about Christmas - it helps if you stop reading the crafty blogs :)

    But I did say to him we will have a lovely Christmas at our house with the kids and I'm not fussing about anything.

    I do want to get a big Christmas tree (will be our first) because i think the kids will leave it alone, right??? :)

    As you know I'm sending out about 15 Christmas cards total.

    We have our holiday in late Jan but I've taken off a few days over Christmas and new Year and if I get a job, I will take ALL my leave. So I'm keeping my eye on a Groupon at the last minute otherwise will also happily potter around at home!

  2. PS this morning I said to our PA are you okay? She said why? and i said, because you don't look okay. She said she is EXHAUSTED from this year already. Her daughter's going through chemo (30 years old) so she's totally drained emotionally.

    PPS tell the kids if they find the glasses they get R50 or whatever.... :)

    1. Oh I have promised them Lego within reason and Lucy money

  3. I just came back from holiday...and I am still tired. I don't like this time of the year at all. It is just go,go,go! I could just skip December all together...yes?

  4. mum and i were just having this discussion as well that neither of us felt like doing xmas this year and that it's so bad we don't even think we're going to bother putting a tree up.

  5. I think we are all feeling much the same. I am counting the days till we close (23 Nov) but then am dreading 2 months at home with 2 kids. Have already make plans to ship them off to the inlaws for a week, and then am hoping that my family does still come up for Christmas (2 weeks) and then we'll spend 10 at the sea once they're gone. If I split the holidays up like that into chunks it seems doable ...

    Polly is very teary at collapses at the drop of the hat - i think it's been a long year for our little Gr 1's. Hold onto your hat tho my friend - apparently Gr 2 is something else. Kim has already warned me abou the amount of school and homework to expect.

    I have your birthday present all wrapped and ready to go .... just need to get to the Post Office! I'm going to be spending my birthday at the Ortho - 2 visits in 1 day - as they are the day D's braces come off! What a way to celebrate turning 41.

    Am sure the glasses will turn up - where you least expect them.

    Lots of love to you xxx

  6. Seems everyone is complaining about feeling tired, blah and pms. What helped me this year, is that I took 5 days to rest in October and I think that I should do it every year. I'm not feeling so tired as I was the years before.
    I'm not feeling the festive season feeling as of yet. Hopefully it will start when the kids leave on 1 Dec?
    I get so much what you're feeling and the more I read your post, the more I thought that it's stress making you feel this way. Hugs.

  7. I so feel you on that feeling, but we've had quite a tough year and it just hasn't stopped. We went on leave and a break and even at the place where we rented there were issues "go figure"...

    Ag, in less than 2 months we can start on a brand new clean slate :D

  8. It sounds like you need a hug and lie in day. I wish you one and than that tomorrow the world will look a little brighter. Don't feel bad, you don't have to feel festive about the holidays yet. Slow down and smell the turkey. Don't let the consumerism mentality envelope you. You're gonna be okay. Big hugs, Tia

  9. This is exactly how I felt last year. Granted, we were reeling from an emotionally exhausting year which included my FIL passing away and we had just gotten the SID diagnosis followed by the ASD diagnosis a few weeks later. I am feeling a bit better this year but that’s because I’m in a VERY different emotional space.

    I am being very conscious about taking the STUFF out of Christmas and this seems to help. There may be a carols by candlelight (I’ll play it by ear and see how we feel on the day), there won’t be an advent calendar (it’s too much effort and my kids don’t seem to care that much if there isn’t one) and there will be ONE FULL WEEKEND of organising cards and wrapping gifts and posting them off so that I can be DONE with it. I am buying my kids gifts online so that I don’t I don’t have to go into any shop.
    To be honest, I enjoy Christmas (it really is such a special time) but I don’t enjoy the period leading up to it. I am convinced that this is NOT what God wants. He wants us to relax and anticipate and enjoy the occasion of the birth of His son without working ourselves up into a frenzy about it.

    I hope you find the glasses ASAP. Would it possibly be easier to have new ones made? Specsavers have an initiative where kids from 2 – 12 get free glasses. Maybe call and see if they can help? Think you can just get a script from your regular eye doc.

    Ps...I booked our camping trip and now my DH says that he can’t get leave anymore so that lovely break that I planned is in jeopardy. I told him to go and get my money back and he’s working on it. Not sure what else I can organise at this late stage but I AM going away. With or without a husband. I sooooo need a break.

    Pps...hope tonight is better and you manage to get a full nights sleep.


  10. I am sooo ready for the year to end. I need my fresh start. We made no plans yet for Thanksgiving or Christmas and I would be pleased just to sleep. Hopefully you can catch some rest, and a break for yourself!

    In regards to lost stuff, I've found it's best to give up. This summer DH lost his wedding ring and I gave up on it. Guess what I found this week? Of course glasses are far more important but maybe they're just hiding in plain sight?! Fingers crossed!

  11. I must say this year has been an emotional one for me too but finally I am starting to get my control back! I honestly find kids and big school to be a constant challenge!

    I am hoping workwise things stay the same for me so that I can get a routine going - this term actually worked well :)

    I can't wait for christmas but then I always love Christmas - it cheers me up every year!

  12. I am actually feeling VERY Christmassy...which is a bit odd I guess. I am just barely restraining myself from putting the tree up two weeks early (actually I've been itching to do it since the first of November already!).

    My budget is shot, so there's that. It's so busy I don't know if I'm coming or going half the time. And I have this mammo-thing looming for next week which is obviously also a bucket of fun...

    ...even so, I am super excited about Christmas. This year is going to be fabulous, I have no dount about it. My main source of excitement is Nicola of course! I cannot wait to see her little face when the season is properly upon us. She loves the trees, the decorations, the gifts, the food, the fact that it means her birthday is also just around the corner, the hanging out with family and and and...seriously, she just loves the whole thing - and so do I!

    I'm half tempted to find me some BoneyM festive music as a background soundtrack - I am THAT excited! :-)

    So very odd yes...everyone else seems to be a bit over this year.

    1. I think I may be feeling more festive already. COntemplating making our advent calender again

  13. For the first time in several years, I'm kind of looking forward to Christmas, actually. I'm looking at all the pretty decorations in the shops and nagging David to sit down with me so we can plan what we're getting for the kids.
    I think the fact that we *know* we're going away and the flights are already booked (Thank you, Kulula, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)helps a lot. Last year we went on our first ever real holiday and I think we made the decision then that we will do it every year from now on. I had no idea how getting away could recharge my batteries!
    This has been a long and draining year but it has definitely been an improvement on 2010 and 2011...


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