Monday, 5 November 2012

Safari again?

The week before last was rather "Princess heavy" . I spent a morning with her when she was sick on the Wednesday and went to the doctor, most of the morning on Thursday with the ballet exam and again on Friday afternoon with the drama Eisteddfod and she then spent the rest of it at the office with me. When I realized that she had a party on Saturday morning I took the chance to spend some time alone with my little men and treat them to a visit to Safari. To be honest we have not been in a while and I doubt if we will ever go again. The animal area was stinking even more so than the usual. So much so that I actually felt terrible. The service in the tea garden was shocking - it took us 15 minutes to place the order for two milkshakes and a cappuccino and another 15 to get them. Brought to us without straws for which we had to wait another 8 minutes. Although the boys certainly enjoyed the play area and jumping castle and the pony was as always a hit, I doubt if we will go there again. Certainly not to the tea garden. It was just one bad experience too many.,

But fun together we certainly had and each of the boys spent a while alone with me while the other one played around. As always, I have to share some pictures.

There was another set of twins in the animal enclosure.

So how was your weekend? Ours was good - a visit to the new school for next year for Mr L - more about that later, a very relaxing afternoon around the pool with friends yesterday and a lot of searching for a certain pair of glasses - still mysteriously missing.


  1. Oh, I was hoping you would tell us you found the glasses. I love the photos of your cute little boys having so much fun.

  2. You found the glasses! I LOVE those t-shirts. Looks like they had fun despite everything else that was off about the place. That's kids for you, VERY little phases them.

  3. Oh poor service is so annoying - and your order was pretty simple! We had a good week-end too. Stacey and her boyfriend came for lunch - we played 30 Seconds, I cooked a nice meal - one of those perfect days!:) Have a lovely week!

  4. Oh no, how dissapointing about the tea garden. I hate bad service and will very rarely go back if I go somewhere and I have to wait to order, wait for the food and then they still forget about the straws.

    Lovely pics of your boys, especially the first one.

  5. Looks like the boys had fun!

  6. Oh little goats! Why don't you give Kimiad a try? They also have a farmyard and a pony and somewhere to sit and have a milkshake. It might just be a bit further away though.

  7. I wouldn't go back after that either - smelly places is definitely not on my to-do list.

  8. I love that your sons support such a great team :)

  9. I never go back for bad service unless under new management.

    Like Spur Greenstone, for example./ *ahem*

    Love the pics of your boys and most of all, R, I love how intentional you are about spending time with them to fill their little love tanks :)



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