Friday, 8 February 2013

Bits and pieces on a Friday

  • The boys were so excited to go to school today - they have a water and bubble fun day at school and even went to school in their sun suits.
  • Mr C declared this morning that he has switched his rugby alliance from dad's WP Stormers to mom and sister's  Blue Bulls. No my fault for one second but rather a result of being in a Bulls mad school this year. I guess it is called "fitting in " with the boys in his class.
  • The boys are both enjoying their Judo this year - we hear lots of talk of "groundwork" and such. I am so happy we enrolled them for this.
  • The primary school is taking all the grade 00 and grade 0 boys for rugby once a week. For free. For the love (and growth) of the game. The boys both love it too!
  • I had book club on Tuesday night - I had a bumper reading month in January (a result of being sick??) and I have many great books to tell you about.
  • The Princess informed me this morning that she will not play netball this year if she has to play Goal again. (But that she wants to play). I have encouraged her to talk to her coach as soon as they start training next week. We will see how this pans out.
  • I am looking forward to a pedicure tomorrow morning. My very stunning hubby is sending me for one, after he sent me for a manicure and facial last week. I am totally being spoiled.
  • Due to an unfortunate set of event one of my beautiful birthday Jenna Clifford earrings went missing in a shop on Saturday. I called them and guess what? Someone picked it up and they kept it safely for me. I am so happy about this I even shed a little tear.
  • We are going to a 40th birthday party on Saturday - kids and all. I am looking forward to good company and a night out.
  • I am busy with a little bloggers friendship project which I will only share later but I am getting so much joy from it, possibly because it entails getting creative. It just renewed my belief that giving is often better than receiving.
With that my friends,  wishing you a great and happy weekend! What are you planning?


  1. Love your bits and pieces :)

    Tomorrow we have our Valentine's Date since next sat we have a birthday party!

  2. My little one is also enjoying her Nett-Girlies! I just ordered a whole outfit, and she promised she would be doing it for a year!

    Your upcoming weekend sounds great! Enjoy!
    We are also seeing friends on Saturday, and having a Sunday birthday lunch!

  3. Too Funny! I'm also going to a 40th on Saturday night, with Kids and all.
    let me know if you happen to be in Westville!!

  4. Seems the boys are doing great in school and having so much fun :) So happy for you all.
    I can totally understand your daughter's frustration. I hope the coach will give her another position in the team to play.
    So cool that someone handed in your earings. Wish that the person who got hold of my gym gloves this past week, would have handed them in too :(

  5. Enjoy the pedicure! That's wonderful that you were able to get your earrings back.

    This weekend we are expecting a huge blizzard, so I don't think we'll be going far.

  6. I love getting little glimpses of the wonder of humanity, like you had with your earrings.

    And I hope you enjoy that pedicure!!! I try to treat myself about once a month, and it's nearing time. I'm ready! :)

  7. Enjoy the pedi... I'm jealous :)
    so cool that you found your earrings... you're bloody lucky!
    As for the rugby, love the idea that they go from so young.

  8. There is still some good in mankind, even if just a teeny tiny bit! Ha Ha Ha Ha peer pressure, but I am sure mama isn't complaining to have another blues fan in the house. Go bulls, or is it Go blues (LOL)

    Enjoy your pedi and have a great weekend.

    This weekend for me is gym and going to the AFCON finals (if I don't develop cold feet ahead of time) and a lot of R&R in between

  9. I also had bookclub on Tuesday :)
    Looking forward to hearing what books you recommend.
    I just finished "Snowflower and the Secret Fan" and I would highly recommend it. It's a lovely story set in China in the 1800's.

  10. I am in desperate need of a pedi - hoping I can fit it in this month :)

    Such good news about the ear rings!!

  11. I actually won a pedi in December and I completely forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder. Sounds like things are going really well at school? That's fantastic. Soooo thrilled that you got your earring. I would have had a cry too!

  12. How amazing is it that you got your earring back? I'm so glad someone was kind enough to hand it in for you.

  13. Wow, it's really amazing that you got your earring back. Kind of restores your faith in humanity huh? ;-)


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