Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This weekend...

 While Hunter was in the bush and we had heaps and heaps of rain and sudden cold on Saturday we:

Met friends at the local Spur as the horse riding was totally rained out. The kids had a blast and we had more than 2 hours of happy entertained kids and Spur's R20 breakfast.

 We visited my mom to pick up A's flower girl dress for Friday's wedding and had some tea. The boys were totally silly and over energized.

Crafted - Miss K was visiting and the girls painted rings - the boys painted wooden aeroplanes (still to be assembled.

I also did a nice bit of decluttering which made me totally happy - a 9/10 one.

 After Miss K left the Princess used a take away container, pipe cleaners, a feather and glitter to make a dog and a garden and pool for her doggy. I love the creativity. Totally imagined by her. She then tied it with a ribbon and opens it to play with.

Sunday dawned still rainy so we had "pannekoek": for breakfast - the SA version of crepes - with sugar and cinnamon.
After church and  a quick trip to the shops we had a lovely day at home as the rain stopped and the sun peaked out at times. We played hopscotch and drew on the paving with chalk

  Played with our puppies

Saw the chrysanthemums bloom and the first ripe lemons on the lemon tree. We then baked cupcakes with lemon frosting - Hunter's favorite to welcome him home.

We also had a visit from the bride to be and her mom, unfortunately to collect a plant A went to get at the church's "we care" inititative for the groom- who in a freak accident broke his arm on Saturday night and was being operated on Sunday afternoon. Luckily we had some cupcakes to console the bride. Yes, the wedding will go on - arm and all. (and no it was not a bachelors party or anything like that). They also brought little Dareus along to play with our puppies who were so good with him.

It was a good weekend, even though the weather was rather unpleasant - it was however great to welcome Hunter home Sunday night with a roast chicken meal who shared this beautiful image of the mist over the valley in Pilansberg on Sunday morning. (BTW they saw a leopard - such a  great sight)
 So how was your weekend?


  1. Looks like you had an action packed fun weekend even though it was freezing! Those cupcakes looks delicious, I could totally scoff one right now with a cup of hot chocolate.

  2. I love the shot of your wee man and the lab!

  3. Love the photos of the kids, especially the one with bunny. Pilanesberg looks stunning with the mist!
    We had a busy, but cold weekend, and even did a fish braai in the cold on Saturday evening!

  4. Looks liek you made the best of a miserable weather weekend. We stayed indoors most of the weekend, watching movies under a duvet.

  5. Shooh...that was a full weekend. Love all the photos. Jealous of the decluttering (I am still getting there)....and wishing for the pancakes

  6. My weekend was 100 times better than the last... :)

    The week, ,however!

  7. Yes, Saturday was a miserable day :( But glad you all enjoyed it at Spur.

  8. So glad you made the most of a rainy weekend! Love seeing A's creativity, and the bunny on L's shoulder...so sweet!!!

  9. I am loving the cooler weather, summer makes me sick and tired

    The pic of L with the bunny on the shoulder is too cute...

    Sad about the groom, hope it's healing gradually.


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