Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What a good weekend looks like:

  • Seeing a beautiful rainbow on our way to fetch A at a party on Friday afternoon after a day of rain.
  • Chatting to the hubby while each of us works on a hobby on Friday night while the kids sleep
  • Taking A to the first hockey clinic of the season while hubby takes the boys to horse riding. Seeing their enthusiasm for the respective activities.
  • Getting a huge decluttering task out of the way - possibly the best bit of the weekend. To motivate I give myself a "feel good" factor rating after a declutter activity - this one scored a 10/10. Made me so totally happy.
  • The kids totally entertaining themselves while I declutter away - no fighting, no crying. Just happiness.
  • Spending a relaxed Saturday evening while treating the kids to the Golden Arches, we watching rugby, they watching movies.
  • Finishing two books over the weekend! That makes me totally happy and being on track with my reading goals really thrills me.
  • Having a good church service with well behaved kids
  • Seeing once again how much they love our puppies. There was a cuddle fest going on Sunday morning.
  • A good and hearty but quick Sunday lunch. How I adore the gass braai we have and all the good food the hubby makes on it.
  • Taking my mom to coffee and cake on Sunday afternoon at a tea garden and seeing the kids enjoying themselves at the playground.
  • Seeing the 10 Egyptian geese goslings (but gosh, they are big now) of the retirement village padding up the street. 
  • Getting my Project Life planning done on Sunday evening, journalling cards written - just getting the photos printed today.
So what are the ingredients for a good weekend in your books? And did this one make it?

I very seldom talk about current affairs but my heart goes out to all that are affected in the Boston Marathon Bombings. Life is too short. Enjoy every minute.


  1. I think you all had a good weekend :)

  2. That sounds like a busy weekend. So envious that you have got stuck into your decluttering project.....smile

  3. I am also on a decluttering spree. Great feeling afterwards! Every time i think -where did all this stuff come from.
    It's great that you are keeping up your Project life. it does sound like a good week-end.

  4. In my books it would also be a good weekend! :D

  5. I love your bullet point highlights of the weekend, with pictures in between...I can feel the joy in your writing!

    So glad you had a great weekend, even if it was a busy one...sounds like you got some "me" things done, too. The best of all worlds!

  6. First chickens and now geese?! You have way more wild life in your neighbourhoods than we do. ;-)

    My weekend was okay, but I definitely won't list it amongst my best ones ever.

    1. LOL! No these are at my mom's retirement village not in our area

  7. That does sound like it was a good weekend :)

    Decluttering always makes you feel good doesnt it

  8. What a divine weekend!
    A good weekend for me = books, connection, resting, good food and lots of quality time with my Boyfriend and the kids.

  9. It's spring here and raining tons. Every day Graham asks to see a rainbow, but I haven't seen one yet! Soon hopefully. :)

  10. Your weekend sounds divine, a good weekend in my book, getting loads of rest, catching up on TV, doing at least a 5km walk and hitting the gym at least once.


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