Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Boy did we have a great weekend....

I always say it, but I think I always mean it too - I have never been so thankful that the school closed for the holidays on Friday. The last 2 weeks of the term was hectic and very busy- more about that later. Although I do work this whole holiday things are way way easier - the kids are at home, enjoying themselves I am told. But there is no pressure to get up way early - in fact I can easily get up at 7 and be at the office way before 8. There is no homework to check, extra murals are reduced to swimming and horse riding (and OT for Mr L)  - life has an easier and relaxed swing to it.

On Friday the Princess had a sleepover party so it was just me and the 3 boys at home. We bought the boys what we refer to as Skilectric from our youth - but now is called Carrera slot cars for their birthday and boy, are we having fun. Not sure if the 2 small boys are having the most fun or the bigger folk. So Friday night was Take Aways and some serious racing. Hunter spoiled me with some alone time this weekend so I went to bed earliesh - I was in fact so tired I could not keep my eyes open. It's been a long term.

On Saturday morning I slept in a bit while the boys went to horse riding. Where Mr C took a tumble of Willow - the first of our 3 to fall in more than a year and a half's riding. He is fine though and was really very very brave - getting up, having a drink and getting back on Willow.

Later the morning I left with my friend A to explore Tierlantyntjie mark. I did not buy much but as I very seldom go to these events and Hunter gave us heaps of time we really enjoyed milling through the stalls and had a fantastic lunch of rolls with lamb, rocket, onions and tomato and some very funky cocktails which for the life of me I can not remember the details of. We really had a lovely time.
Mine was not the wow looking cocktail on the left but it was great though

 My best buys - extra thin writable washi tape - ideal for notes on photos in Project Life and a stunning necklace with a mommy bird and 3 little birdies. Just perfect for me (although a daddy bird would have been great)

We headed over to my mom to watch the Springbok against the All Blacks rugby match and have a braai. My, what a match. Mr L is a HUGE rugby fan (in fact it's an obsession that often is too much for us) and truly enjoyed the game. The Egyptian geese at the retirement village are raising 10 goslings this year and they are incredibly cute to see. My moms roses are also in full bloom already. Hunter and the kids had their "once a holiday lounge camp out" the night and I had a great sound sleep alone upstairs. (as I said I was spoiled this weekend).

On Sunday morning after I slept a bit later than usual we hiked the Faerie Glen koppie with kids, dogs and all. This is fast becoming the tradition it used to be when the kids were small and we could carry them all between the two of us. Hunter made exceptionally great iced tea to enjoy afterwards and made us a yummy traditional English breakfast.
We headed for lunch with Hunter's aunt and uncle and some cousins for Sunday early afternoon, and returned home to our now enforced rest time. This means you have to be on your bed - you can read, play with a car, whatever. But you lie down on your bed. For the first time in what feels forever we all slept like logs - I had to in fact wake up the whole household around 5:30!

A great great weekend!

As you all know I spend very little time online over weekends - it's family time. But Marcia has a monthly photographic theme on some Saturdays and as I did not post it then, here is my take on "Patterns" - seen recently in the Pretoria Botanical gardens. (better late than never)
So how was your weekend.


  1. love the header! And your patterns :)

    I'm so glad you had such a nice weekend of sleeping in and nurturing!

  2. Love the washi and your birdie necklace! Stunning!

  3. Poor L hope he has gotten over the fall?

    Sleep ins are the best, usually makes you realise how tired you are!

    And that is such a lovely pattern!

    1. Thanks! Was C that fell - and L's horse that possibly caused it!

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend. It is great to read such a positive blog

  5. Beautiful.photos! You make your own ice tea?

  6. A lovely weekend does a lovely memory make. So glad you got a bit of extra sleep in and some good quality kids with the kidlets. Okay, this is weird but where do you get your ice cubes. They look nothing like ours with that hole you have in the middle and all. You probably think I'm a nut, but I'm very visual and notice everything. I've never see cubes like that!


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