Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Scenes from a weekend.

I actually with joy realized today that a lot of the items on that list of events are over and done with.  Last night I pulled out my paint, brushes and a canvas and felt the happy of creating. Is there anyone else that read here that instantly feel the happy when they create?

This weekend we had a fun end of year function for the stables. It was filled with cocktails, a photobooth, nice company and general relaxation. On Sunday we had a hike up the koppie - something we try to do often but would like to do more. It was raining for most of the day but by the time we got to it the weather wonderfully cleared. It was a great hike - the word smelled fresh and lovely and at places like below you do not hear the city at all.
Of course the rain resulted in a bit of a muddy walk much enjoyed by the kids in their gumboots. Puddles were splashed , fun was had.
Saturday was a busy day for me and the boys - we attended two parties while A spent some time with H and her BFF. Both parties involved pools and water slides - in the heat it was a lot of fun and they thoroughly enjoyed it.
The mom at the afternoon's army party had a sweetie buffet for the parents (above). The kids were all on a kiddies table.

Cooldrink for the army boys - loved this
 And look at that platter for the parents! Filled with the type of eats I adore.
 At the first party the mom had treats fro the parents too - in bottles as above filled with Quality street, biltong and dried wors.
And you have to love the Ninja Turtle above - cute?
And just because I love this picture - water balloons from the afternoon's party.

So, was your weekend as colourful as ours?


  1. I love that you pulled out your paints and canvas. My MIL paints and I keep encouraging her to set it up in one of the TWO spare rooms so it's ready, and she says, "what's the point? I'll have to keep putting it away..." which makes me crazy as you can imagine!

  2. Are you going to show us what you paint? :-) I'd love to see it.

  3. That army party looks like great fun. Impressed with the eats and sweets!

  4. I am so glad you have started painting again...no better therapy than creating. Love that plate of eats.


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