Monday, 10 November 2014

Vintage - and more.

We had a lovely weekend apart from the frustrations with the stolen phone and all that hangs around that. I need to seriously do some catching up on Blogvemeber - so here goes:

 8. Favorite Restaurant - For years we frequented a little Italian place called Tutti Pasta and honestly the last few years with the kids we have fallen into the abyss of Spur. But I blogged about our foray into good cuisine with kids last week so we will do more of that - so my current favorite will have to be Mesa Portuguesa.

9.Take a photo - Vintage. Table center piece of a family wedding we attended a few weeks ago - Vintage themed.

10.Dream date?  At this stage any date with my Hunter would be great - we are low on time and babysitters. But dream, way out of anything realistic? A dawn hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara during migration with bubbly to add and a 5 star breakfast in the bush follow. We are both nature lovers and seeing the migration is a bucket list item for me. This would be both exciting and very romantic.
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  1. Oh how I love the vintage photo. That's my vow renewal theme for next year.

  2. Pity Tutti Pasta is far from where I live, always looking for good child friendly places

    1. Tutti Pasta closed about a year ago - Mesa Portuguesa is great but not a child orientated spot - maybe check out my initial post about it in the link

  3. Dis lekker om hier by jou te kom inloer en op te vang met jou lewe. Ek mis jou! Daardie droom "date" klink na 'n idee xx


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