Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Just breathe.....

After the craziest of weeks - 2 merit award functions, one Judo grading, one Judo parent showcase, one music exam , one music merit award function and one evening Christmas market (not to mention lots to do at work) - from Saturday morning on we had nothing to do.  Honestly, nothing that HAD to be done, we had to attend, we had to rush to. Just that thought already did heaps to help me de-stress - take the load off of a very tough year. It was fantastic!

In the end, we had a quiet but productive weekend - also one where we relaxed and just let our hair down a bit. I went to the Design Team sale and treated myself to (more than I should have) Olka Polka clothing at wonderful prices. I also bought two beautiful cushions for the big couch and the kids all just one Silly Billy item as at the last sale I only bought them stuff. I was in  there at 8 and out by 8:30 and home just around 9. We also had a nice visit with my mom and A and I tackled her toys and sorted out, threw out and made a box for donating. I could not believe that those overfilled shelves (I forgot to take a before picture), had space left in almost every basket or container. Also amazing at how she re discovered some toys and played with them for the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday night we put up the Christmas tree - for the first time ever we had a happy cheerful no fights event with Lady Antebellum singing Christmas songs in the background.

This year, to save my sanity, I did not make the traditional Advent calender we use - in stead, I bought the Lego City one and the kids are sharing it. They take turns to open a window and build the item behind it. Together they are constructing the whole scene.

 And with that, I hope that your life is slowing down a bit. I am certainly enjoying the easier pace. Or are you still firing at all cylinders?


  1. Wow I've never seen the Lego Advent Calender, what an awesome idea

    1. There is also a Lego Friends one for girls and Lego Star Wars one. I also only saw it a few weeks ago in the Lego store

  2. We are down to just the gala and my trip! Kiara is done. Jack is done. Cam hasn't officially broken up but he will be at the gala pretty much until break up day!

  3. Love your advent calendar! Can I ask how much it cost?

    LOVE the agapanthus pic in the top! I took a similar one on our walk tonight - I'll IG it for you :)

    We have a lovely lazy lunch with friends on Sat (3 am friends) and then we're done til holiday and Christmas which is just us 4 here.

  4. Still firing on all cylinders over here...soooooo tired. I can't wait for the 19th!

  5. What a gorgeous tree you have!

  6. Where can I buy the Lego one? Omg It's everything the kids (I) ever wanted

  7. Where did you get that Lego City advent calender? I also did not do your advent calendar this year. The year/time just caught up with me.

    Love your tree!

  8. Hi Karen and Lebogang - bought it at Toy Adventure - the have the best Lego sellection - there is one in Irene village mall and one in the Grove . Apparently stocks it too someone told me on Facebook and they courier. There is also a Lego Star Wars one and a Lego Friends one for girls

  9. It's go go go on my side until the 24th December - this time of year is crucial for me at work... so it's all systems go until next year.


  10. Ai my maatjie. Dis elke jaar se ding...en elke jaar raak dit net te erg. Hierdie jaar het ons boonop besluit om ons huis binne en buite te verf. Waarom ons altyd hierdie tyd van die jaar sulke "slim" besluite neem sal ek nooit weet nie. But this too shall pass.


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