Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Loving at present

Gosh, I see I have not done one of these for ages. You can find some of my old ones through the years at the Loving at present tag. None of the items mentioned, if products has been sponsored in any way. These are just things I am personally enjoying right now.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

I was always part of the school of thought that "any nail polish is a good/crap as the next" and I used to buy whatever cheapies I could get. However - I tried this once, with the top coat (it was on special at Clicks - two colours, get top coat free) and boy, was I wrong. This DOES keep for a minimum of 5 days in perfect condition. I am going to try the topcoat on an ordinary polish too and see how that goes.

The real thing Omega Supreme
After checking prices, quantities of Omega 3 for your rands and quality (claimed) of the product this has to be the best value for money Omega you can buy. Two capsules gives you 1600mg of Omega 3 - at R100 for 60 (I have paid as low as R90 on Kalahari) its about R1,70 per capsule.

Levubu dried guava rolls

I have such fond memories of guava rolls bought at the tuck shop, little bits ripped of and shared. I used these a lot for lunch boxes - they are small mini rolls and cut into 3 with the scissors they pack small and tidy into lunch boxes. We also loved them on our recent trip in the Pilansberg. A great snack. It contains no colourants or preservatives

Bakers Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits

Just a warning - these are delicious and addictive (and not as healthy as they may seem), but they make a wonderful school lunch tin ingredient and emergency breakfast on your way somewhere. Packed in neat little bags - 4 to a portion, they are great.

The stage/age my kids are right now
I am loving the independence, mixed with the love for attention. The hugs mixed with the "I'll walk on my own" - the  help, the songs, the laughs The all.

The weather
The fact that although we are deep into autumn the days are still warm and lovely. It does of course pose the "how to dress" dilemma with the evenings and nights already quite cold.

And this song
Yes, it's Afrikaans - by two great artists. The words are wonderful - but so is the music.
So what are you loving right now? And which of these have you tried?


  1. I bought a bottle of that recently and yes it does stay on with a topcoat. But Rimmel's one (with Lycra) is cheaper and works just as well (or better, in my view).

    That said, any nail polish with a top coat lasts longer.

    I sound crazy....

    D bought those baker's breakfast things and he and the kids eat them sometimes. I should do a post like this - that same blog does something similar :)

  2. I have learned that when it comes to nail polish, you DO get what you pay for. Revlon is FANTASTIC. I no longer buy the cheap stuff. Thanks for the omega tips (can you believe that I have NEVER thought to buy them from Takealot!)and yes, I am a HUGE fan of both Francois van Coke AND Karen Zoid so I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song.

    1. That song just turns and turns in my head.

  3. Love that nail polish colour!

  4. I see what you meant now about the same post type. :)

    Had the guava rolls recently after many, many years- still yummy.

    I must admit, I didn't really like the Good Morning biscuits but the kids seemed to enjoy it!


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