Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's June - and we are just 3 weeks away from the winter solstice.

Today is the first proper winter day in our part of the world. Right on time for the official start of winter. We had a lovely warm autumn so I guess we had the cold coming in force. Quite uncharacteristically for our part of the world it is very cloudy and rainy.

Gosh, where DID the year go? Flying past us. Just the other day we had the grade 4 starting with this challenging year and now we are 3 exams down, 7 to go until it ends next Friday. She did put a lot of effort in and seems well prepared and not really nervous at all. The mom on the other hand....

Mr C is sick  - poor boy. A cold with a nasty cough. We are keeping him home until we feel he is really much better - after the big bag of meds the doctor prescribed yesterday I sincerely hope it will be soon.

Mr L on the other hand is thriving. He was so proud to get his first merit badge last week and to top it all he scored a lovely try in Saturdays' rugby match after seeing a gap in the defence.

Puppy G is settling in very nicely with us as her new family - I will do a full post on her. Puppy M is growing older (she is almost 14) but still in good health and a character of note.

Hunter came home a week ago today after a week long trip to the Karoo - refreshed, sunned and very happy. I love seeing him like this but even more I love having him back. Not just for the help with all that goes on in our household but just for being with me.  I feel totally incomplete without him.

As for me, well work is very busy. I am trying to keep up and catch up on Project Life and enjoying that, always. I am also as always reading and planning nice winter food.

Keep warm! Whats happening around your household?


  1. I love these posts.

    Also, your heading made me think of Louisa who always used to count down to spring. Now I guess she's enjoying winter :)

  2. The winter solstice is my birthday :-) Always see it as the turning point for the year!

    Just saying hi ... I have been reading your blogs but not commenting ... sorry ... I always feel that is a little stalker-like :-)

    Glad all is well with you and yours ...

    1. I love that you left a comment - I like a bit of conversation with those who read here. I miss your blogs

  3. Cannot wait for the solstice - then we can start seeing the days grow longer, instead of shorter and we can start counting down towards spring again!

    We have had some seriously cold, wet weather in the Cape and are looking forward to some sunshine when we arrive in Kruger in a month's time (today squeeeeeee). So much is going on at the moment, mostly studying. Jake only starts formal exams on Tuesday, but writes until the 22nd. He has done a few things towards exams in the last few weeks, so has been working very hard and is also looking forward to getting going now. I think the studying part is far worse for them then the exams. He still needs a lot of motivating and I'm trying very hard to get him to do more and more on his own.

    Other than that, snuggling in front of the TV, under blankets, in front of the heater and eating lots of soup. Trying to shed a few kgs that I picked up in summer (believe it or not) before the holidays!

    Lots of love XXX

    1. Oh you are going to love the Kruger weather. I know Cape Town is icy cold at the moment

  4. It is cold, isn't it. Hope Mr C gets better.

  5. Oh my word Cat...where has this year gone? We have had some pretty chilly days in the bay these past few weeks.


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