Friday, 29 May 2015

For the love of music

We have exposed our kids from very young to all types of music - to Hunters' favorite hard rock music, the 80's music we both love and enjoyed as teens, to new music, to classical music, to jazz. Actually we may have gone a bit light on what could traditionally be called childrens music. We also listen mostly to Classic FM in the car, interspersed by one of 4 local radio stations with popular music. As a result their taste in music varies and I actually should more regularly document what they like.

The Princess knew every single word of almost any ABBA song as a toddler - she was the biggest Dancing Queen around. She was so cute - singling out loud, dancing around. Adele and Pink are also favorites. At a stage Mr L's favorite song was Aerosmith's "Jamie's got a gun" and C used to love "Thunder" by AC/DC. But A at a stage was constantly listening to Vivaldi's "Four seasons" in her room and Mr C has a love for Michael Bubles' music. Mr L is a big Simon and Garfunkel fan and "Call me Al" and "Mrs Robinson"are still a huge favorites.

So the current favorites for your entertainment are:
Mr L: "Shangri-la" by Die Heuwels Fantasties (Afrikaans and local) He is constantly singing this, day and night
Mr C : "Sing" by Ed Sheeran
Miss A: Cinnamon by Jacques Terre'Blanche (also local although it really does not sound local - has a distinct George Michael type feel to it)

You can listen to it here on Soundcloud

Enjoy their choice! And what are you or your family listening to right now?


  1. I did the same with my knucklehead!
    Since about grade 6 he's been a metal head, like his mom (although his taste is heavier than mine) but he can sing along to popular hits from the 1960s onwards and he listened to classical music when he was studying for exams.

  2. My girls are loving our church's worship CD these days - it's all they want in the car. But they still want their Frozen karaoke every night before bed. :)

  3. We recently bought a SHOX speaker and now we blast our favs all around the house. I recently took a video of my 3 kids doing their rendition of ROAR by Katy Perry. Was alot of fun to watch. BTW, I love Ed Sheeran.

  4. I'm glad your kids enjoy music :)
    Around here we listen to 94.7 in the car. At home I have kiddie CDs of nursery rhymes but every now and then I feel like something more adult and vibey, I put it on. I have some nice old gospel CDs we have been playing too...

  5. Kiara always has music playing. Always!

    Jack and I love Budapest by George Ezra and he also sings along to that Ghost Town song!

  6. I love 80's music and generally I have worship music in my car and favourite secular song at the moment is Budapest....snap Laura.


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