Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I scream,l you scream, we all scream for ....Lego!

My kids are total Lego fans and so am I. So we really could not miss the Art of the brick expo. I was delighted when we won discount on Living Lionhearts Instagram feed. I set off on a Friday morning with 4 kids in tow (my 3 and A's BFF) on the Gautrain and was delighted to find that the station is right at the Expo (and so is Burger King - be warned). We entered and as per usual the kids rushed for audioguides. And then in to enjoy the expo.

The first is a little introductory section with odds and ends and then the big art section followed - possibly where we spent most of our time. I love the way he made some paintings into 3 dimensional works of art. I loved this section because it provided instant opportunity for impromptu art and art history lessons .

Then follows other section about emotions, some famous faces etc.

And the one I loved most of all - the swimmer. Magical!

Right at the end is what the kids loved most of all  - a huge dinosaur build out of Lego.

This is followed by a freeplay Lego and Lego games area where my kids spent almost an hour building several Lego constructions of note.

My insights from the Expo - it is way smaller than I imagined and one sort of feels as if you should have seen more for the money. However the kids' enjoyment factor was right on spot for the price. I loved it too. Forget the audio guides - waste of money. Watch the intro movie at the start of it and go. It is way over the head for kids and I could not listen to the longwinded talks with 4 kids around me either.I do not think kids under 6 may enjoy it as much - keep in mind that it was originally intended as an art exhibition - he for instance added the dino for the kids. But most kids love it - it was for instance Mr L's favorite holiday activity!

It is still open until Sunday and worth the go it it suits your family. Plan some time for the kids to play after.


  1. I went past it when it first opened and I thought it looked quite small. But it's great the kids enjoyed it

  2. I can imagine that you would love this. That is the downside of living in PE...we don't have this exhibitions xx

    1. But still you have the sea and the most beautiful beaches in the world,

  3. D took the kids that day I spoke to the Jozi moms and he said the same - he enjoyed it more than they did - i think they were too young.


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