Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mr C has a new passion

Mr C has a passion to create - to draw, to paint and to make things. His latest passion are these foamboard models of famous buildings. These two has LED lights in the base that they stand on that lights them from the inside.It totally amaze me how well he does this - all on his own. He really needs no assistance in getting them build and completed.

It always amaze me how my children differ - each have their very own happy things and places and totally different ways of doing things. Point in question - taking them to spend their pocket money savings. They have been saving for months and months so they all had a good bit of money to spend.

L was easy - he immediately headed for the Lego - he is a huge Lego fan. In 3 minutes he made his choice (which was thankfully under his budget). A decided before hand that her Sylvanian families mice had to have a baby so the baby and a high chair for her was a given. She did however took a good 20 minutes debating on what else to get for them. Mr C! Oh gosh! 35 minutes of debating this and that and right at the till he changed his mind and swapped one item. Then it was Lego, the models, then a dinosaur model. Taking his inner Libra to the top level. In the end he settled on the models above and some very pretty marble ghoens. In those 32 minutes L almost lost his mind waiting for his siblings. Amazing how even twins can differ in the simple task of making choices.


  1. How amazing are those models!!! An engineer in the making perhaps.

    ust shows how different we all are even when exposed to the same situations! Can I say, I'm like C when making decisions!!!

  2. I haven't taken my gang toy shopping in forever! I'm taking the liitle guys to Aladdin"s Caves on Saturday to meet the Minions, and just happened to come across a voucher Jack had been given for his birthday last year, so I'll let them each pick a little something while we're there...


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