Thursday, 2 July 2015

Featured blogger for July

I am delighted that the featured blogger of the month exchange is up and running again. I was even more delighted to get an old blogging friend of my, Karen at Mom again at 40 to feature. We have met in person and have been following each others blogs for years.

She is currently on a wonderful family adventure in the USA so have a look at the very interesting things she are posting at the moment. In general she talks about life as a working mommy with a student and a grade 1 girl child. She always has something worthwhile to read or share.


  1. I love the feature as it helps us get in touch with other bloggers

  2. Where does this exchange happen? Perhaps I'll give it a bash...

    1. Hi MeeA - see the South African Moms Blogs badge - clicks there - affiliated with them on the Facebook page


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