Wednesday, 30 September 2015

And that was September

Gosh but this long and busy term has flown by in the wink of an eye. I am extremely grateful that next week is the school holidays but wishing it was a bit longer. We are a house of tired parents and tired children. Granted the long weekend did help a bit.

I am seeing quite a few months wrap ups and honestly I think that will suit me best today.

Ambi pur sent us a lovely box of goodies . I loved the way this drop was done - with some of the things that cause smells (toilet paper, a tiny nappy and black bags) and things that can "cure" the smells. I love the car freshner that is not overwhelming as a lot of the usual car options are and the spray is trumping any one we have previously used. I will without a doubt buy it again.

They also included this rather interesting infographic.
The summer fruits are slowly making their appearance and this year even the very first bit of watermelon we bought was sweet and lovely.
A went all out and made her brothers a wonderful birthday cake. It was a vanilla funfetti cake (from a Pillsbury mix) with a speckled eggs secret centre and sour (lemon) frosting. Boy it was simply divine.

On the boys' birthday I took them with a friend each and A's always present BFF K to play putt putt. It was very hot but really much enjoyed by them all.

And what is a birthday without Lego? A bought her brothers each a small 3 in 1 set - the cat/dog/bunny one for C and the truck and cars one for L. Much enjoyment! L last night broke down his truck and started with one of the alternatives. I love this idea from Lego to build 3 things out of one set.

And with that, what is news in your part of the world?

Disclaimer - we received the parcel displayed from Ambi pur. The Pillsbury and Lego shout outs are purely because we enjoyed them and not sponsored in any way.


  1. When I saw your pic of watermelon - i was like 'hello Summer!

  2. It seems like it was good month. I am alos loving the emergence of the summer fruits

  3. I can't tell you how glad I am to start seeing watermelon around! With my little Jamie (SPD issues), he only eats certain foods and watermelon is one of the ones he love. He can't understand when it's not in season. So happiness for summer fruit! Debs (Life with Jamie & Shae)

  4. Geluk aan die twee seuns...dit wil my voorkom die hele lewe gaan my deesdae verby. Welgedaan aan A met daardie pragtige en heerlike koek.

  5. The cake looks yummy. You've got a cake boss in the making there Cat :)

  6. The cake looks delicious. You've got a cake boss in the making there :)


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