Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Book review: The House in Carnival street

Last year I read "The Little Coffee shop of Kabul" - you will find my review here. The book and her lovely style of writing really stayed with me and when I saw her new book in Exclusive books when it was my turn to buy for the Bookclub, it was the first book I picked up.
What I did not realize at the time was that I bought and autobiography and not fiction based on real life events as in "The Little coffee shop of Kabul".I am no lover of biographies or autobiographies. Fiction is my poison of choice. And while I loved The little coffee shop of Kabul, it is in the fiction realm. This book is definitely and autobiography but one that reads very easily- almost like fiction. It does however deal with the harsh reality of what really happened at the end of the previous book and why she left Kabul. Dealing with all that and Post traumatic stress disorder is the real crux of the book - mixed with the lightness of making a new life in Mexico with it's harsh realities of poverty and suppression. I really enjoyed reading it and Deborahs' life story and never for a moment lost the slightest bit of interest. A very personal and enjoyable read. 

Now I have to find the very first of her books "The Kabul Beauty school" which she refers to often. 

So who has read any of Deborah Rodriguez' books? Or did I spark some interest? And who likes to read book reviews or not?


  1. Interest piqued. Haven't ever heard or read any of her books but will definitely start with Kabul Beauty School.

    Keep the reviews coming. I love reading reviews before buying books.

  2. I also generally prefer fiction but lately have read a few very good autobiographies, Jani Allan's book Jani Confidential will probably remain my favourite of the year. Thanks for sharing, I'll look out for her books. I love reading book reviews, so long as they don't contain spoilers

  3. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great read! Don;t know any if her books...

  4. I'm generally a fan of fiction, too, but really don't mind reading non-fiction if it grabs me and keeps me interested.
    Haven't heard of this author before but will be keeping an eye out now. Thanks. :)


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