Friday, 18 March 2016

Five for Friday edition 4

1. I have very seldom been so delighted to see Friday as it is also the end of term 1. Goodness, we are all a bit tired - the term has flown by. I have been a clever little bird and put in leave for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week and will have a whole 10 days at home with the kiddos.

2. I already have a long list of things I want to do in these 10 days. Mostly house decluttering and a bit of admin stuff. But I also want a bit of just relax and rest. I need it.

3. A has been on crutches since she sprained her ankle and foot during the school's water fun day on Monday. It's still blue and sore. I hope she recovers soon. The only "work" she had for this holiday was to practice Contemporary Lyrical dance and her split. BTW she is loving this more modern approach to dance from her usual ballet and the two add to each other in terms of style and pose where is something like Hip hop works in opposition to ballet sometimes. It's a relatively new style in South Africa - have a look below if you want to know what it is.
4. A also brought home a great report card - as her brothers did last week.. We are very proud but mostly thankful that the kids are doing well at school and are happy and well balanced.

5. The boys played their first full contact rugby game for the year on Tuesday - as the two flanks for the B team . Their little team won 25/0 much to their delight. They are attending a rugby clinic for 3 days over the weekend and I hope they will enjoy it and learn a lot.


  1. Enjoy the holidays! I'm thrilled for the break from the insane schedules and packing lunches but dreading the whines of being bored and the fights that are sure to ensue!

  2. Cat, I think you and A will love Adam and Twitch's routine from one of the seasons of So You Think You Can Dance US - a youtube search should have it show. Alex is a professional ballet dancer, and Twitch a hip hop person.

    1. Watched it this weekend - it's magical ! Thanks!


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