Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I am angry today

I am angry because a bunch of thugs paralyzed a big part of our city yesterday. I am angry that politics are used as a motivation for burning, looting and destruction. I am angry that Lucy slept in a car with her neighbours last night at a filling station because she was scared to go back home and that she may not be able to come to work once again today. I am angry that one of our office workers can not write his last exam of the semester today because the university he is attending is close to the affected areas and is closed for the day.That another one is not able to get to work for the second day running as the buses are being burned and the taxis avoiding the area. We are the lucky ones - our part of the city is calm and safe.

I am angry that so many lives are disrupted - apparently because of the tribal origin of the ruling party's mayoral candidate. Or as Lucy so rightly explains - just an excuse to steal and be a horrible person for the day. To sow destruction and feel you have the right to.


  1. Lucy said it exactly as it is. Just another excuse to ruin and disrupt the lives of people who aren't really involved.
    Hope things calm down soon. Burning transport, looting shops and generally being a thug is not on for the rest of those who want to make an honest living

  2. I'm so sorry, Cat. I'm sure you know what we're dealing with here in the US. Orlando is not close to where we live, but those horrific events rock us all to our cores. Add to that the immediate politicization of events. We are sad, too.

    Hugs to you with hope that things resolve soon.

  3. Makes me mad .... And lives have been lost too for no unjust reason. I know it is not so straight forward for some but j would think if you are so unhappy rather than cause chaos and destruction - use the power of your vote :(

  4. It is really very upsetting that people equate destruction with the way in which to be heard. For me this is basic terrorism, and South Africa just lets it happen.
    The new stance: they just did not understand the way the processes work.


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