Monday, 16 January 2017

Well hallo! And happy new year!

Two weeks into 2017 and I only greet you today! All that I can say is that it has been a wonderful holiday. One filled with rest, relaxation and family (and obviously not blogging) - and it was great. Port Elizabeth spoiled us with stunning weather! Just some highlights in photos:

We had hours of relaxed family time at home and lots of time active outdoors.
We slept over on our favorite Karoo farm on the way down - it was so dry - glad to know it has rained substantially since then. It was a day of magic and nature.

The kids fished - and totally loved it. The girl child turned out to love it most for the moment. That may of course change again. She caught and released 3 fish that morning - and the boys one each.
We spent a lovely day at the Sundays river with friends - boating and eating and having so much fun.

Our Ocean girl loved the rock pools - she is not a huge lover of waves but those pools!

Our favorite beach at New Years morning was quiet and stunning - it did get busier but it is big enough to handle it. What a blessing!
All the best for 2017 - we are already knee deep in school things. So how was your holiday? 


  1. Ahh, sounds blissful and relaxing! Just what holidays are for! I especially love the fishing bits. We've been trying to make our fishing trip happen since last year, and it keeps falling through the cracks. But our girls are so interested in the fishing that I WILL make it happen. My brother goes out to fish and dive so often, we need to just make a plan already. And ps. Happy NEW YEAR! X

  2. We also made a trip down that side of the world. We were caught in the crazy rain. It is so needed there. How do you get the dogs on such a long trip?

    1. We stop often enough for them - and I guess it is just a question of getting them used to it

  3. How do you find places that allow your furbaby to go with you? We would love to take ours to the sea but have not yet discovered places that allows us to take them with.

    I love the views, glad you had fun, relaxed and ready for the new year.

    1. Check out the Sa pet friendly directory :

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