Monday, 7 April 2008

Sleep required!

HELLLP! My kids have stopped sleeping. No, serious! I don't think that we've had a span of more than 35 minutes through the night where we actually all slept. The twins took turns keeping us awake with a tenacity second to none. And sister had her turn somewhere between 2 and 3. They all have a case of the runny nose goblin visiting, but this was ridiculous. Actually, we are a bit spoiled. The madam started sleeping through at 12 weeks and little L at 10 weeks with C following at 11 weeks. Until 3 weeks ago! At first I thought it was a growth spurt, then teething (which it probably is) or the unfamiliar circumstances of us parents sharing their room with them while the in-laws are visiting. Regardless, it is exhausting. I am sitting here at work, trying my best to get the job done, but finding that the concentration lacks completely. I know this will pass, but gosh, may that be sooner rather than later.

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