Thursday, 3 April 2008

This is me

I have to admit that I am reading blogs while expressing breast milk at the office. It helps me relax, and take my mind off the task at hand - hence fuller bottles and less guilt about having to supplement the decreasing breast milk supply with formula. And I read mommy's blogs from all over the world, especially those with multiples.

I've been keeping a blog for the family for about a year but find that I need some kind of platform to express myself as I seem to be rapidly loosing all resemblance to the person that I used to be - the me that I still hope I vaguely am, somewhere hidden in the fog of motherhood and career. So this is for my own expression and for my friends in the computer, not those in real life, because here I want to say exactly what I feel without having to worry what my mom in law thinks of my latest mind frame.

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  1. Hey! Welcome to the anonymous blogging world! It's nice to have a place to let your thoughts out.

    and it looks like I get the lucky priveledge of being your first commenter.

    I will add you to my blog listings when I get around to updating my sidebar.

    I read blogs while pumping at work too!


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