Friday, 16 May 2008

7 Month Report

We paid a visit to the clinic last week - a bit later than when it is suppose to be, due to our little adventure in the hospital. But all is well with The Boys and they are reaching their milestones.

At 7 months Little man L is weighing 7,360 kg (16,23 pounds) and is 68 cm ( 26,8 inches) tall. He rolls from side to side and is a warm and friendly little being. He sits unsupported for short bouts and loves to stick his toe in his mouth. In fact, we find socks are wet all the time from chewing his very own build-in teething "ring". He "talks" continuously and sounds like a panting doggy when giggling. He loves saying Da-da-da, ghhhh, kai etc. He effortlessly passes toys from one hand to the other and looks for toys when they fall. He will roll towards a toy out of his reach. He has a small bout of stranger anxiety going.

Little man C weighs 7,9 kg (17,42 pounds) and is 69 cm (27,17 inches) tall. He rolls, but not as enthusiastically as his brother and rather lunges forward on his tummy to reach a toy. He is a more reserved little person and sounds like a parrot when he laughs - a type sound. He sits very well unsupported and supports his body with his arms if he starts to fall over. He also passes toys from hand to hand and will literally arch his way out of his Bimbo seat to retrieve a toy. He does the toe in the mouth thing, but only when he really wants to - we suspect the Buddha tummy is in the way. He is busy talk-training with Ma-ma -ma and brrrrr. He is still very happy to sit on any willing lap and flirts with all and sunder.

We are every day amazed at the differences between the two. L has a darker skin tone, dark hair and grey-blue eyes. C has very light skin, blondish hair and pure blue eyes. L. has the body of a yoga master - tall and slim and very supple. C. has the body of a front row rugby player - broad shouldered and solid.

I only start solids from 6 months and am following a hypo-allergic eating plan with my kids as I am an allergy sufferer. I prepare all my baby foods myself and freeze it in small bowls and ice-trays. I promise to do a whole post about this. At present The Boys are eating: pumpkin, butternut, carrots, apple sauce, banana, beetroot, avocado, spinach, peas and olive oil. They are only drinking breast milk and some hypo allergic formula as supplement when my milk is not enough.

Some days I still stare in wonder at my kids and have to pinch myself to believe that this is all true. Mommy's heart is filled with love - up to the very brim, every little nook and cranny.

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  1. Great picture! They are so sweet! :)
    Sounds like the boys are doing excellent and GREAT weights! (almost as much as my Emma and she's 19 months old! LOL)


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