Monday, 19 May 2008

We are definetely making some progress, somewhere...

The weekend was lovely, really. We had great weather - 25 degrees C (not sure re. Fahrenheit - see stolen mobile phone below) in the middle of the day. That is basically early autumn/ summer weather while we are already technically in winter. Today is somewhat cooler though.

Friday night was spend watching rugby on the TV (super 14 series) and we had some of my homemade butternut soup for dinner. The Little Miss was busy feeding her Cabbage Patch kid some peas and used one of the Bumbo seats to house the doll. I love that she plays with this doll as it was my doll when I was a little girl and was passed on in the family to be returned to me in the beginning of the year with a brand new outfit, just in time for her birthday. She knows that this is a special dolly and that it used to be mommy's so she takes extra special care of it.

Saturday morning at 4 :45 we woke up almost simultaneously and realised that, yes! The Boys have slept straight through the night. They only woke up at 5:45 for their feed. Glorious bliss. The day was dedicated to get chores done around the home and taking A to her swimming lesson. H. gave me the night off to go to a braai (barbecue) with some girlfriends - the one girl's very brave hubby did the braaiing for us girls. It was such fun - lots of chatter and we got into the "how did you meet" conversation. Interesting - real girl talk. I am so grateful for the type of hubby and father H is - and to give me a gap now and then makes all the difference.

We had lunch and Granny's on Sunday. The Boys had great fun on Granny's blanket on the floor - rolling around and laughing with A. On the way to Gran we stopped at Baby City to buy some onesies and the great "Bright star" butterfly toy. And somewhere is the shop, my handbag was opened and my mobile phone stolen. I am soooooo upset - I really really loved that phone! It was a Nokia 6110 navigator - with a GPS. Now, it's all the administrative schlep to get a new phone. I have insurance, so it should pay out and replace it. I hope!

Earlier on Sunday morning right after church, The Little Miss baked cupcakes and the decorating happened late the afternoon. So this was desert on Sunday night. Just like mommy and daddy - loves making food and loves the eating part even more.

And the big news is that Little man C. cut his first tooth yesterday! One down, 39 to go! Ugh. I hate teething, but his seemed to have been a bit easier than his sister's did. Have the nappy rash to show though.


  1. Sounds like some great times! (aside from the cell phone being stolen! UGH!)
    Love the photo of the three kids together. So sweet! (& LOVE the little outfits on the boys! Great colors!)
    I know the teething pain you are talking about. Emma is getting her 1 year molars right now and diaper rash GALORE! UGH! :(

  2. Guess what I had to watch on the weekend .... RUGBY LOL. My husband is a rugby freak, he's played for many many years and subscribes to all of the games on-line. Sorry that the Stormers didn't make it.

    Sorry about your phone being stolen. I tell you there must be something in the water, my son has had 3 phones stolen from school over the past 3 months. I kid you not.

    Woohoo to the boys sleeping through the night. That's fantastic.

  3. Tonya, you have no idea how unhappy the hubby is that the Stormers didn't make it - he is a die hard Stormers fan (originally a Cape coast boy). Is your hubby also an Aussie?

  4. Nope hubby is American but played rugby at the Naval Academy and is a die hard Wallabies fan :) He watches rugby like it is a religion and would still be playing if he hadn't had knee surgery last year.

  5. Cat, thanks for visiting my blog! Your family if Beautiful! Yes, we do have a never ending battle with the strap over the arm. It took her all of 5 mins to figure out she liked it better this way than the correct way!


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