Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Have you seen today's Google doodle?

BTW - I love Google doodles - I sort of "collect" them - save the ones I love.
It would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday today. I had to smile and relive some beautiful moments in the lovely "Julie & Julia" movie - the glorious food, the wonderful outrageous way Julia Child talked, her courage and confidence, and the wonderful relationship between her and her hubby. It was such a great movie - I actually just want to see it again. (never mind the blogging was involved int he story line) And the food - glorious food. And so the mind drifted to other wonderful food movies that I loved.

I came out completely hungry and craving Chinese food after seeing "The Joy Luck Club". My, was it tasty - not only the food but the wonderful companionship between the women through the generations. Playing Mahjong over dishes fit for queens. Lovely food, great story. (Stunning book too if you ever want to read it)

In "Babettes feast" it was not only the wonderful feast that was such a pleasure on the eye but also the stunning scenery as two sisters make a feast for their village. I will never forget that festive table, literally overloaded with the best food ever.

Although "Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle stop cafe" was not technically a "food" movie I  loved the food in it. I have always wondered how friend green tomatoes actually taste - maybe it's time I tried. Lovely drama , great bit of mystery.

Hunter and I saw "Tortilla soup" one night - the story of a dad and his 3 daughters, and how relationships change as they grow up with the wonderful food and ritual around it as the stable point in the house. We came out craving Mexican, and anything else that looks tasty and spicy.

Possibly one of the most sensual movies I have ever seen has been "Like water for chocolate" - wow, South American passion also overflowing into the food. A feast for the eye and sense of taste. (The book is also a great read)

And then last, but certainly not least, the feast for every chocolate lover's eye - "Chocolat" - (forget that Johnny Depp is also there to feast the eyes on). Oh my word, those chocolates, pots of chocolate being stirred, fillings made. Plain wicked and very very tempting. Best seen with a Toblerone as companion. (btw - lovely lovely book)

There is nothing like a good food movie to bring the creative side to the front, and I do need some cooking inspiration right now.

So which of these movies did you like, or not. Any other good food movies out there to see?


  1. I loved the Julie and Julia movie...watched with a few girl friends. I must admit that I enjoy watching food being cooked far more than cooking;-|

  2. I don't think I've seen any of them. Maybe I saw Chocolat a long time ago, but I don't remember much of it. I want to see Julia and Julia.

  3. I'm not much of a movie person, but I can certainly relate to how art can inspire food cravings. Our girls have a kiddie CD with a couple of Spanish songs on it. I can't listen to them without craving Mexican food! ;)

    By the way, I skimmed through this post...I didn't want to make myself hungry at 8am!

    We always see my family over Labor Day (the first of September), and I've requested that my great aunt make fried green tomatoes. I don't eat them very often, but they're so good!

  4. Now here's where I disagree! I thought Julia and Julia was so boring - I fell asleep in the movie :)

    I did a food post a while back but I loved that Spanglish sandwich with the dripping egg. Yum!!!!

  5. Oh no, I have the worst memory ever. But I do remember Chocolat! Not the movie scriot but teh chocolate pots :-)
    I'm a die hard chocoholic....

  6. I absolutely loved Like Water for Chocolate, a bunch of us girls went to see it when we were living in London and sat sobbing way after the movie ended.
    Thank you for reminding me of that special moment :-)

  7. Oh I am so with you on, love, love all of them!

  8. When I think of foodie movies, I ALWAYS think of "Big Night"....the soundtrack remains one I play often even today!

    Like you, I have a HUGE affinity for the Google doodles, today's is wonderful!

  9. I actually haven't seen Julie and Julia. Must make a plan. I LOVED Like Water for Chocolate, Tortilla Soup (my FAVE) and Chocolat. Must check out Babette.

  10. Love Chocolate! Fave food movie:-) Loved the book and the second book and the third in the series is now available, but still need to read it!
    I liked Julia and Julia but wasn't my fave movie.
    Haven't seen Like water for chocolate but have read the book.
    Tortilla soup was lovely too!

  11. Loved Chocolat - the book and the movie.

    Actually bought Julie & Julia coz I loved it so much.

    Also haven't seen Water for Choc or Tortilla Soup - must make a plan!

    And yes, how cute was the doodle?

  12. I missed it! Also love the google icons. Happy birthday, Julia. Loved the movie too X

  13. I have seen the Joy Luck Club but I don't really remember it. I loved Fried Green Tomatoes and have also always wondered what they taste like - actually I do every time I see a green tomato :)

  14. I don't really watch that many movies, but have seen Chocolat a couple of times. Loved it. I also enjoy food books - but am terrible with remembering titles. I like the books that are stories and then have descriptions and recipes inbetween. Yum!

  15. I like Google doodles too. They are very clever.
    "Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle stop cafe" ...loved that movie. I must find it again.


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