Friday, 9 November 2012

It's the weekend baby!

As usual I am totally stoked that it is Friday and the weekend is upon us.
We have a busy one ahead, but regardless, I want to make a little goals list as I just feel I get nothing done if I do not make a list and tick off on it. So:
  1. Have a relaxing Friday night with the family - we are planning pizza and DVDs
  2. Take C to his meet and greet with his new teacher tomorrow.
  3. Finish the photobook for the ballet teachers.
  4. I have de cluttered and re organized half my clothing closet with my shelves, this weekend I need to tackle the hanging part.
  5. Wrap a certain blogger friend's birthday presents that I just do not get around to. (an yes, they will be late)
  6. Go to an 80th birthday party , get a present and wrap it.
  7. Thank you cards for the boy's birthday (terribly late too)
So what does your weekend look like?


  1. You have a full weekend and you must enjoy every moment of it. I know I'm going too :)

  2. Busy weekend. We also have one! Enjoy!

  3. It sounds like you have a busy weekend and double yay on it being Friday.

    We are off to watch Linkin Park tomorrow. Can't wait!

  4. We've got two kiddies parties planned and I'm going to Linkin Park tomorrow night - whoooop! :-)

    1. So everybody will be at Linkin Park tomorrow night?

    2. You have a very full weekend ahead!!! My weekend promises to be full too - 5km walk at 6am, gym, grocery shopping, photo walk (couldn't get round to doing this last weekend) salon, cooking, office work, catching up on TV. I am tired just typing it, but already the first two things have been crossed off, so hopefully not too bad. And about to leave for the next two

      Hope you have a great and fun weekend and the meeting with the teacher goes well

  5. Love Fridays, but Mondays come too soon! Nothing planned this week-end - whooo hoooo! Chill time!

  6. I love that you list your relaxing Friday night on your to-do list. Often I feel I get more accomplished through the week, as I tend to kick back a bit on the weekends...and then I feel guilty about it at times. Maybe I just need to think a little differently. Taking time off -- and appreciating it! -- is super important.

    I love that you're making photo books for A's ballet teachers. That's such a fantastic gift!

  7. So ready for the weekend here, too, Cat! Enjoy!

  8. Enjoy the weekend!! I plan to! We won't be at Linkin Park with everyone else (ha!) but we ARE getting away for a night - KID FREE!!!! My Aunt is throwing my Uncle a surprise 60th birthday party and its going to be LOTS of fun! And...did I mention a night away, by ourselves!?! We haven't even had a date in months, let alone a night away!! Now if my husband's sinus infection could miraculously clear up by'd be great. :-)

  9. EVERYONE except me because I'm an old lady and I don't even know who Linkin Park is (no exaggeration) :)
    Love your list full of to-do, and to enjoy :) you will feel AWESOME when your wardrobe is DONE!

    I've got 4 cell phone errands to do now so best I get going.

    And doing your photo disc last night calmed me down - thinking of others and all that jazz. More to blog later.

  10. So far my weekend has not gone according to plan but it's been awesome. Overslept and missed my run. Took kids and DH out for breakfast instead. Went for a beach walk because our weather is BEAUTIFUL today. At home now. Child1 needs to study - I think we'll be indoors for the rest of the weekend actually.
    Enjoy yours!

  11. Wow you are busy.

    I had a ballet recital for Leane yesterday followed by supper with the family at the spur. Today was the three little ones in Siembamba's concert...followed by a picnic in the park. Now I want to crash and do what I like to do.

  12. Hope the meet the teacher went well?

    We have had a great weekend so far - i shopped up a storm yesterday in EL so spent today re-organising/decorating/sorting our bedroom, the bedroom in the cottage and our diningroom. D needs to study so no going anywhere this weekend, which is actually good for my soul!

    Happy weekend my friend x

  13. You still sound way more organised than I am!! Hope you managed to get everything done and still have an awesome weekend, especially Friday night!!

    Sue X


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