Friday, 6 June 2008


Am super efficient, super time saver, super multitasking mom. Best ever, I'm sure! Not!

Well, I am extremely proud of myself today for taking at least one step closer to being a more efficient person. I spend last night setting up my grocery shopping on line at one of our big retailers. Took me all of 3 hours, but in future it will be a breeze, or so the site offers. Next time you can copy and amend your list, no need to set it up again. Delivery is same day or next day if ordered at night and the cost is R55,00 for delivery - a steal in my book.

Grocery shopping has been a contentious activity in our household from day 1. I love to do it, H hates to do it. In fact, he hates me doing it - sounds a bit weird as somebody has to do it. We have to eat after all, and clean and so forth. He started timing how long it takes me and challenged me that he can do it in a shorter time, and then doesn't buy half but brings home excessive luxuries not on the list. It sounds a bit weird, but it's just one of those things. With the 3 kids it has really been hard - he then have to look after the kids while I go off to spend (what he deems excessive time) at the grocery shop. He complains bitterly about it, although he would gladly look after all 3 kids so that I can go horse riding or something like that.

Well, as from today, no more of that! No more stress of running through the isles and explaining the time spend. Jippeeee! Am super liberated free person.


  1. How peculiar that H hates for anyone to have to spend time buying groceries, but I suppose if he's giving you time to go riding instead....

  2. Good for you! Job well done!!!!

  3. I think he just sees it as time wasted.

  4. Well done. I'm so impressed. I have a girlfriend who swears by ordering her groceries on-line and having them delivered.


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