Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mr C meet his new friends

Last Saturday it was Mr C's turn to meet his new teacher and friends for next year. He will be in the Giraffe class in grade R. My, he was so shy when we got there. Met his teacher and said his name and smiled brightly but then was so shy to sit and play with the rest of the kids until a little boy walked in and he told me that it's Jean -Pierre whom he sees at the swimming school every Friday. He happens to also be new in the school and within minutes they were playing together and I left with the other moms for them to spend some time with their teacher.

In the meantime while chatting to other parents I happened to find out that we apparently scored the teacher jackpot for him this year (as we did for Mr L - maybe bringing them into the school for evaluation did serve another good purposee ). You know, that one teacher where everybody wants their kid. Yes, that one - we got her!  We have never asked for a specific teacher as I got some inside info before the Princess went to the school that asking for a teacher practically ensured that your kid will not be placed with her so I do not bother. I am however delighted.

When I went back to his class to fetch him, he was happily busy doing some baking - slowly as is his manner, and very precisely. After giving his new teacher a huge hug we happily went home. I am sure he is going to be a very happy giraffe.

Ps - I am miles behind on blog reading or anything not work related. things are busy and I even worked over the weekend not achieving most of my goals Unexpected - but hopefully with rewards in return)


  1. That's wonderful that the placements worked out that way! I hope they both are very happy in their classes.

  2. So happy to hear how happy you are with their placement, Cat! I know that must make you breathe easier, feeling confident they will both be in such good hands.

  3. That really looks and sounds like an awesome school!

  4. What a great idea - for the kids to meet the teacher before the year starts! It sounds like they are sorted!

    1. I love the idea Karen - because not only do they meet the teacher, the also see where their class is and how it looks AND get to meet some of the kids in their class. So the first day is much easier. I do wish they did it with the grade 1 kids too

  5. I'm so happy that you got "the teacher" for both of your boys. That is wonderful news.
    My youngest will meet her teacher a day before hand. Can't wait for that.

  6. Oh cool! I'm glad you lucked out with the favourite teacher. The one we've got for next year isn't my hot favourite, but we'll give it a shot and see if maybe I just don't know her well enough yet.

  7. I think it is a wonderful thing that the little ones meet their new teachers...Leane also had this outing to big school recently. She didn't want to return to the creche after her visit.

  8. That's a nice thing for them to meet the teacher before the first day, should make it a lot on their first day. And I'm glad you got "the teacher"


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